Sixteen Ways to Use Your Wrist Now That Watches Are Obsolete

Still wear wristwatches? You're in the minority. Well, now that watches are killed off by cell phones, what do you wear on your wrist?

Tobias Lunchbreath, one my favorite cartoonists on the Web today, explains the "Sixteen Ways to Use Your Wrist Now That Watches Are Obsolete" over at CoreToon: Link | Different format of the cartoon over at Flickr

Considering that it's much easier to subtly check my watch during a meeting than to check my phone, which is often left back at my desk, my watch isn't going anywhere soon.

Because yes, our conference room doesn't have a wall clock or anything.

But I like the emergency Oreo....
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Which begs the question, is the watch, in fact, obsolete?

* Note also that this comment is really to take the opportunity to use the phrase "begs the question" in it's proper context.
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Emergency Oreo, although tasty, does not allow me to calculate the bill or currency conversions, like my trusty Casio calculator watch does.

I would ditch the calculator watch, or possibly put it on the other wrist, if the Emergency Oreo automatically replenished itself.
mmm oreos.
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Yeah, because I want to whip out my cell phone to check the time. But this culture we've created around mobile devices is ridiculous. I still use an alarm clock too. Because the damn thing works every time.
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I have a cell phone, don't have an alarm clock (the cell phone is doing that job neatly), but I don't see myself giving up my wristwatch. And I own a simple piezoelectric Timex which only shows the time of day, day of week and day of month -- so it's not about status symbols or extra functions. Although I'm almost always surrounded by clocks of all sorts (cell phone, car, home, computer), I have to look for those -- in contrast, I always know where my wrist is, without fail.
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