40 Hilarious Passive-Aggressive Office Notes

After reading these notes to anonymous troublemakers -and every office has one or two of those types- I realize how glad I am to work from home, despite the relatively minor annoyances. At least now when someone steals my lunch, its someone I have to feed anyway. See 39 more of these notes that you will probably relate to. Link -Thanks, Jane/Sierra!

Update 10/30/11 - These are from Passive Aggressive Notes - Thanks Kerry!

I posted a passive aggressive sign once. The place I was working had a large Fridge, with ice trays, that many of us used for soft drinks etc. Ground Coffee was also kept in the Freezer, and every morning some slob would spill coffee grounds all over everything in the freezer. One day I was drinking a Pepsi (with ice) and noticed coffee grounds frozen in my ice cubes.

In a fit of rage, I posted a mean sign on the Fridge to stop being such a slob. The sign was gone the next morning and the offender seemed to figure out how to make their coffee without throwing it all over the place.

I regret posting the angry message though. Even though they deserved it, I have found that it never pays to get angry at work.
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My neighbor bought some land that he enjoyed clearing small trees with a chainsaw. He kept a large tank of gas in a little shed he built, so he wouldn't have to walk back to his pickup constantly for fuel.

We'll the gas of course would mysteriously disappear when he was away. He tried posting messages to stop stealing his gas, but the gas still disappeared.

So, he decided to put sugar in the gas tank...The gas stopped disappearing.
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Sugar in the gas tank doesn't do anything to a car. It might clog the fuel filter a bit, but otherwise it's harmless. The "victim" of your neighbor's prank probably never even realized anything had been added to the gas.
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Wow. Really?? People are that inconsiderate to actually take bites out of someone else's food? Just eat the whole damn thing if you're gonna do it. Geeze.
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If you don't know who did it, the signs don't really seem passive aggressive, but the quickest way to get your point across to a group of people, one of whom is the perp. The ones that say I know who you are... now those are passive. Just talk to the person. Why make a public note about it?
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I had a co-worker eating my food too. I would keep Pizza Pockets in the freezer and they would periodically go missing. Fortunately, our employer keeps Ipecac in the first-aid kit. Unfortunately I'm not that vengeful. In the end I figured, like many of these note-writers, that the person stealing it must really need it, and it would have been nice if they just asked.
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Yeah, these don't all really fit the category of passive/aggressive.

If someone's sad enough to steal lunch from co-workers, they probably need pity more than anything else. We had a thief once who would only steal from lunches that weren't home-made. Once the thief stole all the pieces of chicken and left the rice from a Chinese food dish. Ick! Like the rightful owner was going to eat the rice after that?
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For some bizarre (and probably unhealthy) reason, I've always found notes like this to be absolutely freaking *hilarious*. If you're like me, you may also enjoy:

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"If you're like me, you may also enjoy: http://www.passiveaggressivenotes.com"

Which is where many, if not all, of the notes posted at jobdescriptions.net were lifted from.
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I saw this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_IVGr-0bx0nc/TNDmdDRvyCI/AAAAAAAABGE/44etx8fnU9Y/s1600/terry_tate.jpg sign behind the coffee in my floor's kitchen behind its coffee machines yesterday. It was gone this morning. :(
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We need a passive-aggressive note for 1) all the commenters who noted that these aren't passive-aggressive and 2) the website that stole all the images from passiveaggressivenotes.com :)
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I read about sugar in your gas tank not being so serious on Snopes a while back. I figured someone might point that out, and mess up my funny story. So, Thanks. :o)

Anyway, to to keep my post short I didn't mention he knew who was taking his gas. It was some local teens, who were stealing it for their ATV's. Given the small tank size of their bikes it seemed reasonable to assume their could have been some damage. Especially, since the gas did stop disappearing.

Sure it could have been a coincident, but then that wouldn't have been funny- would it?
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