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Cardboard Coyotes Fight Poop Problem

School officials in Raytown, Missouri have battled flocks of geese for years. The problem is the bird droppings in the playgrounds and ballparks. Young children were even forced to stay inside during recess. The school grounds crew was prohibited from poisoning or shooting the geese, but last month, they came up with a new idea.
They’re using plywood cut outs of coyotes, which is the natural enemy of geese. In the cutouts they placed plastic bags to make them look like they were carring a goose in their mouths.

Dr. Travis Hux, the assistant superintendent of support services for the district, said they brainstormed the idea after many golf courses use cutouts of foxes and other predators to keep animals away.

“For the geese from above it appears that they’re holding a goose in their mouth and that creates a threat to the geese, so they don't land on the playground. We have giggled about it and people laugh when I tell them, but I say go check it out, you’ll notice no geese running around on the playground,” explained Hux.

For Principal Dickerson she said she’s excited that they students get to enjoy the playground once again

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It is sad that humans can't seem to share the world with animals who deserve the right to live here just as much as we do. Those geese are stopping to rest and to eat which is necessary for their survival. Something they have done years before these ballparks and playgrounds existed. This post is not neat at all it just illustrates how greedy and selfish humans really are.
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Self-fish? It's just like a scarecrow for christ sakes, and it's a neat idea.
If your backyard was constantly full of geese, making a mess, would you let them? If you had a tree full of croaking crows, would you simply let them be? making your life a living hell by their horrid noise? You would find a humane way of dealing with them right? In this case, they're not shooting the geese, they're not setting up booby traps, they're dealing with them in a neat, rational way.

I don't see anything self-fish or 'greedy' in that.
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Around here we have to put up with the crows and the geese because people hate them so much that if they weren't protected, they would all disappear in a week.

Sometimes whole flocks of geese will "mysteriously" come up missing around a beach and nobody asks any questions.
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It's a playground and there are children. Do you want your kids playing in goose poop? Having lived near a lake growing up I can tell you how much they can "litter" a landscape with poop. It's unsanitary and can spread disease.
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Obviously, the first poster has never walked through a park field or playground literally covered in feces from a goose. It's gross. It's filled with disease. Shut up.
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Briannana in Boise Idaho, rednecks like you also continue to spew insults everywhere with self-righteous dignity. Grow a conscience and a heart will you?
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