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Fantasy World Map

Dan Meth came up with the definitive map of fantasy places you know and love -all in one big continent! It's "the very first accurate map of the entire fantasy world." Let the arguments begin. Link -via Buzzfeed

What? Middle-Earth isn't a fantasy world, it's in pre-modern Earth...and you can't put Earthsea there, the archipelago is isolated...and CAMELOT ISN'T IN AVALON! AAAAAAAAAARGH!
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All right, I went out of my way to post a geeky comment on a geeky map for humorous effect and perhaps a little geeky nitpicking. What's your excuse?
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He missed the Dark Crystal, it should be in the high desert mountains between Labyrinth and Kadath.

Are all Fantasias combined? Or should there be sub-regions?

Discworld is a world all in itself, so pass. Since Hyrule is brought up, I guess you could then say all the Final Fantasy and Chrono this and thats are worlds in other star systems. So too all of the D&D worlds that got written about.

And of course middle earth has actual maps that would contradict this.
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Where are the WMDs?

Cute idea, but poorly executed. Most of those places have maps that look nothing like their counterparts on this map. Plus, I would point out that the Wardrobe is not in Narnia, but is a portal to Narnia. They should have indicated the Lamppost.
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As I recall, Whoville was located on a speck of dust that fell on a flower. Is Mr. Meth saying that all these other fantasy lands are located there too?
Also, Hannah: You're totally right. Keep on rockin'.
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This map is completely random. It's a mash-up of fantasy realms. Some of these lands are actually time period specific and cannot just be thrown on a map! AARGH!
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here is a map of oz and the surrounding countries

it's pretty zany

and i don't think this guy looked at it
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