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Woman Plans To Wear The Same Dress For Six Months

There are some women who don't like being seen in the same dress twice. Then there is Amy Seiffert who has pledged to wear the same gray dress every day for six months.  Yes, she washes the dress. She even changes it up by wearing the dress in different ways.  But, she always wears the dress.

Amy started this project on November 15th to bring awareness to the problem of sex slavery and human trafficking in the United States.
Seiffert's combination social experiment/fashion statement is all in an effort to raise awareness and money for The Daughter Project, a non-profit organization with a mission to help girls recover from the trauma of sex trafficking and to help prevent others from being trafficked.

You can read about all about Amy's fashion adventure on her blog. Oh, and if by chance Amy should ever read this post I would like to personally congratulate her on the good news she received this week.

Heather Miller of FOX Toledo News as more: Link

A 2005-2006 project that I followed through a blog to reject over-consumption.
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It raises awarness just like how putting your favorite childhood cartoon character in your avatar on Facebook raises child abuse.
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Slacktivism at its finest.

Over consumption makes more sense than sex slavery for wearing a dress for a long time. Maybe like...if she walked around naked with shackles on. Or like wore really slutty clothes, idk. That would make a little more sense.
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uniform project already did this to raise funds for schoolchildren's uniform in India!about

wearing same dress for school uniform or as statement against overconsumption, i get it. but sex slavery? where's the connection? sex slaves wear only one set of clothes? hurray for slacktivism :p
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So glad to see I'm not the only one who thought this chick's "campaign" didn't say diddly squat about the real issue.

"See how many fun, kicky looks I can get out of the same basic gray dress!" is not exactly alerting me to the cause of anything but her own egotism.
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Heh, it seems the iPad removed that last word missing from my comment, and I did not check my work before submitting. I kind of like how it turned out though. "Raises child abuse awareness." Is what it should read.
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This is...ridiculous. As the above posters have said, I have no idea how trying to look cute in different ways with the same dress for six months...means ANYTHING having to do with sex trafficking. Hipster senses tingling! Want to vom.
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Amazing: A women wearing her clothes like most men wear theirs, IE: over and over again.
I shall stage a protest by forcing myself to drink cold beer and eat juicy, cooked steaks with chips and salad.
Ain't I a hero?
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Looks more like "Woman poses for picture every day for six months in order to fuel her ego".

I'd rather read about what she's actually done to help people, rather than narcissistic gushing.

Sorry, that may be too harsh. I'm sure she feels that what she's doing is raising awareness, but awareness is a fickle and insubstantial thing. It does nothing.
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Sure, there's no direct correlation, but the phrases "sex slavery" and "sex trafficking" have appeared no fewer than 7 times in this thread so far. Worked, didn't it?

@Pat - What's wrong with "changes it up"?
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While I agree with Skyhawk, that "slacktivism" is a neat word. I think it may offend members of the Church of the Sub-genius.
The main belief of the church is Slack. Slack is being happy with who you are, what you own and not worrying about your personal goals.
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@Manticore - But I *was* told. She said why she was doing it. The gimmick got her in the news media so she could then talk about it.

@ted - If you're made aware and then don't do anything constructive, blame yourself for that, not her. She's doing more than most of us by at least bringing attention to the problem.
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hi Amy I think its a great idea. I did read what people wrote, wow they need to learn if you have nothing nice to say dont say it.I think your idea is creative and worthy of people knowing.Your the kind of person this world needs,Iam with you,email me if you want to talk. Chris
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What about AIDS, the homeless, or testicular cancer? There, I just brought awareness to three different issues on a blog, pretty much what she's doing.

I did my part. It's your fault if you don't follow up on it.
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This woman has been featured on the local news, national news, and in several newspaper articles because of her dress project (I don't know her personally, but I live in her area so I've seen the media coverage). Her purpose was to raise money and awareness for an amazing non profit organization that helps girls who have been rescued from sex trafficking. Her strategy has been made clear in her interviews and on her blog... During the 6 months that she is wearing one dress, she is not making any clothing purchases and donating the money she would have spent on clothes to the organization. Also, when people see her wearing the same dress every day they ask questions. When asked why she is doing what she is doing, a door opens in the conversation for her to talk about and raise awareness regarding the sex trafficking industry and the particular organization she is supporting. She encourages them to check out the non profit's web site and give financially if they feel led.

There is a method to her madness. She DOES have a strategy and she's doing a great job.
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