Psychologists: Women Perform Worse on Math Tests When Men Stare at Their Chests

Researchers conducted a study in which they asked college undergraduate students to leer at members of the opposite sex. They found that when women were ogled by strange men, their performance on math tests were worse compared to those who were not ogled by strange men. But when men were leered at by strange women, their performances were unaffected. Lead author Sarah J. Gervais explained:

Asked to describe the “objectifying gaze,” Ms. Gervais laughs. “In the laboratory, as you might imagine, it’s relatively difficult to get people to gaze at other people,” she says. “So what we did in this study is we trained confederates — those are people that are sort of in on this study — we trained them to visually scan women’s bodies and then to stare at their chests when they were interviewing them, and … we did this also to men.”

The men appeared to be unfazed when their female interviewers stared at the men’s chests before and after asking the first, third, and fifth interview questions, Ms. Gervais says.

Link via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo (unrelated, but returned when I searched for "creepy stare") via Flickr user Michael Cordedda used under Creative Commons license

It's different for a woman than it is for a man. This is due to the fact that we live in a phallocentric society that puts men in a position of power.
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it just makes me uneasy when men look at my breasts, especially when it is obvious or someone a lot older than me. I used to not wear shirts that showed any cleavage but they still looked. They're gonna look no matter what, the point is to catch them and embarrass them as much as possible so they won't do it to you again...unless you want them to.
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yeah, well, another study shows, the iq of men is lowered when they talk to a beautiful woman. so, maybe both studies show the same thing? maybe getting checked out is, subconsiously, registered as a preparation of a mating a ritual which simply makes both genders stupid? so, maybe above fact has nothing to do with "male opression" and "weakening female status" but rather with a completely natural subconsious process... because, maybe we are brought up to be puritans in our minds but our bodies and some older regions of our brains simply don't care for such nonsens.
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Seriously, they had women ogling men during a math test, and the guys continued to do the test?

Let's see: sex or math test? Sex or math test? Yeah, kinda hard to decide which would be preferable.

What I found difficult in interviews was I tend to look down from a person's eyes, male or female. I tend to avoid direct eye contact for a long period of time, but that sometimes makes it look like I'm staring in other places, when that's the last thing on my mind.
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Now let's test why we all hate the smell of poop. Men like breasts or better yet, the testosterone impels us to ogle women for reproductive reasons. Ask any ftm transsexual, who started taking testosterone, and you will be surprised, how their minds, changed them suddenly into drooling objectifying dogs.
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People do poorly on tests when they have to deal with harassment. Gosh! Also, woo, pseudoscientific nonsense that absolves people of their awful behavior. Ugh, those comments above.
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