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One Too Many

(YouTube link)

Let's all sing together- "99 bottles of wine on the wall.." Hey, what if ALL of those bottles should happen to fall? This video contains one mild expletive in the audio commentary, and so might be NSFW, but the audio is not necessary for the clip. -via Arbroath

Who cares about a swear at work? I mean, shouldn't you be working anyways?

NSFC (not safe for children) would be much better in most situations.
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"Who cares about a swear at work?"

Really. Had it been me there EVERY kid in a 5-block radius around that store would have heard me swearing like a drunken sailor arguing with a drunken trucker, mainly because I'd be unhappy about having to clean up such a huge mess!
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Probable reasons this happened:
1) the store cheaped out and either went with compromised used fixtures, or did not use the proper weight rated fixtures
2) the fixture was rated for the correct weight, but was improperly assembled.
3) the fixture was not properly leveled. This takes a little extra effort, but is worth it
4) even if the fixtures were correct and properly installed and levelled, if the other side was completely empty this could happen. Not as likely, but possible.
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Wait just a minute, how did they know to be taping at that moment? Why were they intently taping the security camera from their own camera? Did they mess with the shelves or just sense the impeding doom?
I'm probably over-thinking it.
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"One Too Many"

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