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Shaolin Monk Displays Talent for Getting Kicked in the Groin

Yong Hsueh, a Shaolin monk, appeared on the Chinese version of Britain's Got Talent to demonstrate his ability to get kicked in the crotch without suffering injury:

He told the audience: "Steel crotch Kongfu is an ancient art, with roots stretching back to ancient China.

"It's a practice to strengthen and protect the male genital organs so there is less chance they are injured or incapacitated in battle."

Cross legged male members of the audience watched in shock as various members of the panel were invited to boot the monk - who simply bowed and smiled after each blow - between the legs.

And how does one learn this skill?

The monk said the former could only be learned by a student that started in childhood - it involved pushing the testicles into the body where they could not be hurt.

Link via The Corner | Image: Orange News

Testicles are funny things, as an avid sports player who got kneed, kicked, elbow, punched and purposely grabbed in the groin as well as many sporting balls finding their way to that area, getting hit there doesn't ALWAYS hurt. I've stressed this to my daughter when I overheard her saying that she'll "just kick a guy in the nuts" if she's ever attacked.

In fact, what I noticed is that when the hit is anticipated, it will hurt less or not at all (apart from the regular pain of getting hit anywhere). The worst nut shot I ever took was a super ball someone bounced off the wall and hit me square in the testes when I was in the middle of a conversation.

So, I guess the moral of the story is: Don't rely on the nut shot to get you out of a tricky situation.
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The popular shaolin monks are trained to throw needles through panes of glass, the unpopular ones just get kicked in the balls a lot and told some story about discipline and spirituality.
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And when I read this in Ian Fleming's book "You Only Live Twice," I thought it was made up.

So now I know something James Bond did--not that either of us can do it.
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