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Neighbors Neuter Prized Cat

Michelle Curtis of New Zealand has a very prized cat for a pet. Her cat, Buddy, is Siamese-Bengal.

Buddy went missing for a few days. When he was returned Michelle was horrified to find out that neighbors had neutered poor Buddy.  Apparently one neighbor trapped the cat and another neighbor paid to have the cat fixed. The neighbors claim that they thought the cat was a stray who went around beating up other neighborhood cats.
Ms Curtis, a former cat breeder, said she had owned Buddy for almost two years and until last weekend had intended using him as a stud cat.

Sandra Conchie of the Bay of Plenty Times has more: Link

Photo: Bay of Plenty Times / Joel Ford

Ummmm....good for the neighbors? Nothing like having an unfixed male meandering the neighborhood knocking up the stray females creating feral kittens. Adopt one from the pound, instead of making the cat overpopulation problem worse.
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The cat in question ". . . had been cruising around the neighbourhood in the early hours of the morning, "beating up" other cats and spraying for almost a year."

Clearly, this was not a cat who was being groomed for stud. A cat can be injured, pick up diseases, or killed in an accident when wandering in this way. Anyone who has a vested interest in a cat would keep it confined for its own health, at the very least.

When I was being taught how to drive, I was told that a driver who accidentally hits and kills a dog is obliged to inquire about its owner in the vicinity, but there is no such obligation for a cat. This is because a cat will wander.
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Should have had a collar at the very least, and I'm surprised a "stud" is not microchipped but I don't know NZ's customs. But as the previous commenters already mentioned, if it was such a valuable cat, keep it indoors. Unneutered cats should not be roaming.

I have no sympathy.
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Unfortunate for the breeder.. But, if you don't want to keep your pet in your own yard, bad things can happen. Coulda been worse. I am absolutely dumbfounded that the breeder would even be considering legal action.

If this cat was that important to her I would think she'd want to protect her investment by at least allowing others easy identification of her property. Be it a collar, tattoo in the ear, or RFID chip. Any one of those would have been found by SPCA staff, and this would be a story of a woman being fined for allowing her expensive cat to be an un-neutered stray. Why must everyone else bear the burden of her mistakes? If anything she should have to pay the SPCA and her neighbors back for the trouble she's caused.
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Those wacky NZ'ers paying to get a strangers cat neutered.

Here we just toss'm into the wood chipper. Quick, cheap, and not as noisy as you'd expect.
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Tomcats are Territorial bastards. If you are exploiting your pet for purposes of extracting income, keep it inside or face the consequences of well meaning neighbors policing what is probably a neighborhood bully in what they consider a charitable way.
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The neighbors were right to do what they did. At the very least, the cat should have had a collar. A responsible pet owner should neuter their cat if they intend to allow the cat outdoors.

And frankly I don't agree with breeding cats, or any animal kept as a pet, because there are enough animals in shelters that need homes.
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If he was so prized he should have had a tagged collar- AND a microchip.

A similar story happened in the neighborhood I lived in shortly after graduating college- there was a friendly but 'intact' male cat known as Grey Tom around. My downstairs neighbors fed him sometimes, and eventually got a trap from the Humane Society, trapped him and had him neutered. Only then did they find out he had an 'owner' who was quite upset that they had inflicted such an ordeal on his darling cat.
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Agree with all the comments above. All our cats who are indoor cats have a microchip and no vet would ever do anything to cat before looking for a microchip. I don't think this woman is really a reputable breeder - most breeders I know keep their cats inside would definately have their cat microchipped. Also a siamese-bengal wouldn't really produce any 'purebred' kittens I think - so any alleged loss of income is pretty tentative.

On a more personal note our neighbours cat was coming round to our house and spraying all the time. In the end the neighbours cat's behaviour triggered one of our cats to start spraying :(

Please keep your kitties inside. Not only is it safer for your cat, your roaming cat can have unintended consquences for your neighbours!
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After reading my post I thought I should clarify. The cat was female and they had her spayed. I had to shoot the cat, not the neighbors.
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Good for the neighbors. Stupid owners letting unfixed cats roam free to create feral cats or just increase the pet population need to be smacked upside the head.
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Spraying for almost a year? That's a lot of cat pee.

No sympathy for the stupid owner, but I would wager the neighbours did NOT really think this cat was a stray.
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A Siamese-Bengal "designer breed" is just a fancy name for a mutt cat that won't produce kittens worth anything or be allowed in a real cat show! I'm sure the part where she was "considering" him for a stud is just fabricated for her to get some money. Irresponsible owner, good on the neighbors. Besides, if the cat was pooping in the owners garden the cat could easily spread very serious diseases such as Toxoplasmosis.
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I have three cats and they are all indoor cats, I would never let them outside. However, I live in a neighborhood where there are several outdoor cats. Not one of them wears a collar (my vet reccomends against it for cats as a choking hazard) but I know to whom in the neighborhood each cat belongs (or which house). I see them being let in, or in the windows as I drive by sometimes. Recently, there was a cat in my yard a lot that I didnt recognize. The next time I saw my neighbors outside, I asked them. They told me that it was their neighbors cat. It wasnt that hard to find out.

I can honestly not believe that neighbors let a cat terrorize their neighborhood for a year without asking around as to whos cat it was. Obviously somebody owned it, as I cant see a stray hanging around one place for a year without somebody feeding it. It seems to me that the neighbors decided to be passive agressive about the whole thing instead of finding and confronting the owner. And dont tell me that that would have been too much work, I'm assuming it would have been easier than aquiring a trap and having it fixed. I bet they knew it was someones cat and had it fixed to teach the owner a lesson because they were too afraid of confrontation.
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