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The Blind Car Mechanic

Ever since he was a little boy, Bart Hickey has always loved cars - so it's only natural that he became a mechanic. In fact, he has his own car shop, called Bart's Auto and Towing or B.A.T. The name is very apt, because Bart is blind as a bat since birth.

When someone tells you that something's impossible or you simply cannot do it, just think of this post:

[Vimeo Link]

As a bat rehabilitator, and being married to a bat biologist - I'm going to have to protest the "blind as a bat" statement. Bats actually see better than humans with their eyes. The sonar that some of them possess allows them to augment their vision with a sense we do not even possess.
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Congratulations on being my pompous jerk of the month.
I protest your ignorance and willingness to fire of at innocence. I assure you no bats were harmed in the writing of that paragraph. In fact, unless your rehabilitation program includes teaching them to read and write English, they're not even worried about it.

Should I stop saying "Dumb as a mud fence" to end the suffering of mud fences every where? I think you're as worthless as a white crayon. Nice career choice by the way, I bet you've been itching at the chance to let everyone know your profession in a forceful way.
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Yes, I'm sure the bats are concerned with an incredibly inspirational man's animal-political-correctness.

Great story. I'd let this guy work on my car any day.
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Richard, you never told me what you do for a living. Judging by your 3:56 am post I'm going to guess trolling forums from your mother's basement.
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I did find the "blind as a bat" reference interesting, being as how a few stories preceeding this one points out that bats, in fact, are not blind. Hopefully I won't also be called a pompous jerk.
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It has become of age of non-hyperbole and political-correctness...
It's amazing how people will pick out the smallest "mistakes" of anything and gnaw on it for hours rather than look at the whole picture/story and digest what the important messages are.

Who cares if his brother called his company BAT because he thinks bats are blind. The more important message is that there is a man that was blind from birth, had a passion, and followed his passion regardless of of the obvious obstacles.
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Ironically Nimic, I am also a mechanic. There are several different time zones. Eastern in this case, so it was 6:56 AM. I work 7:30 to 5 or later to make sure your mail gets to you (My attempt at a shameless plug, you can thank me in later posts.). Either way, I didn't mean to sound so brash, and I'll apologize for that, but don't snuff the fun out of things. A turn of phrase is nothing but a cheap chuckle. The brighter colors of this English language that is becoming more and more drab.

Kudos on your job though, as they say, "Do something you love and you'll never work a day in your life." just lighten up a little. There are far better ways to get your point across. I for one truly thought bats were of poor sight. So I did take something from your post.
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Gnarls, Nimic has been removed from the OTM list for the "Mothers basement" rebuttal, you have now taken that spot. Simply for hoping in a hopeless time. Haha.
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Bart Hickey - is an inspiration. all of you children should learn from him. The correct phrase should now be blind as a tree. enough said
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ok so seriously? i wish nimic could still see my comment, bart hickey is my father and my uncle brian knows bats arnt blind. but that saying is like how old? im 19 and i know better than to pick out little flaws instead of seeing what this post is really about. my dad is my everyday inspiration, role model, and nothing short of a hero. thanks everyone for spreading the news about my dad. my family truly appreciates it<3
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