Student Paid Tuition with $1 Bills

Fed up with the ever-increasing cost of higher education, University of Colorado student Nic Ramos decided to pay his $14,000 tuition in cash. Specifically, with $1 bills:

You don't often get to go to banks and walk out with a suitcase full of cash ... Nic Ramos said staff were ''not too pleased'' at having to count $14,000 in single dollar bills.

Link [self-starting video clip]

that's very inconsiderate. The staff gets punished for counting the bills while those who made the decision to raise the tuition fees are not in anyway effected by the student's childish action.
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In Canada, at least, I think there are rules about how much of a particular currency is considered legal tender. You can't buy a car with pennies, for example (well, they could accept it if they want, but you can't demand a payment be accepted that way). Not sure about bills, though.
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Wow- he really taught that school a lesson. And it's not like he wasted the school's employees or students time while he was at it. I bet the University of Colorado is shaking in its boots. Way to stick it to the man!
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Meh... you gotta act out when you're young. More constructive than a shooting rampgage. At least he's staying in school to learn more effective and subversive ways to gum up the system.
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The problem is, the "system" still got what it wanted. Like Ngan, the staff gets the short end of the stick when they had no part in it.
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Hi did get a lot of publicity though, a lot of webs are showing this, and we are all knowing something is wrong with tuition in that university...
An i believe that they didn't count the money by hand, it's 2011, if it's a big school and they are on tuition time, thet have to have a machino to count.
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I'm sorry but I feel like that was very rude and inconsiderate. I hope he realizes he only punished the staff. The people who raise tuition could probably care less that clerical staff had to count all of those dollar bills.
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I agree with the masses that this guy is a jerk. I'm incensed over my tuition fees, but I'm not about to punish bank staffers and university employees to make my point. This is as lame as putting an M-60 in a McDonald's toilet; the only ones who suffer are the lowest workers on the ladder.

I'm all for creative pranks which punish/mock the mighty. This one is a fail.
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Although the individual bills represent "legal tender for all debts, public and private", I suspect the school could have refused taking cash in this case. Everywhere you go there are signs at businesses that they do not accept $50 or $100 bills, so why does the school have to accept $1 bills? I hope they add the cost of paying someone to count the cash to his next tuition bill.

I had a friend in grad school that dressed up like a pirate and payed a fee (I think ~$1200) via a chest filled with Sacagawea dollars (although there was some cash in the chest because the bank didn't have enough of the $1 coins). I wasn't a fan of putting the office staff through the pain, but they seemed to enjoy the break from the ordinary.
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@BikerRay. In Canada limitations are only for coins. Businesses and public services are obligated to accept payment in bills (Granted our bills start at the 5 $ note, this is rarely an issue)
As for counting the money... No self respecting institution doesn't have a money counting machine so it probably took all of 15 min to count it all. Not sure the message got thru but bank employees spend more "working" time than that on Facebook in a day!
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He made their job needlessly difficult, and accomplished nothing. Everybody already knows tuition is expensive.

I hope he has a decent major and isn't wasting that $14K.
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Most decent Uni's have a waiting list to get in - they should have kicked this guy to the curb and accepted someone that wasn't a whinny little git.

Don't like the price - someplace there's a paper hat or shovel with your name on it.
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I wish I would have done that, but only if I knew that there was a work study student that could count it. My school is tiny (about 150 students) and we barely get any work-study hours (I got 4 hours for December).
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