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Fox Shoots Hunter

A hunter in Belarus saw the tables turn when he shot a fox and attempted to finish it off with the butt of his gun. The fox put up a ferocious struggle and somehow managed to pull the trigger with its paw, shooting the hunter in the leg. In the melee that ensued the fox managed to make good its escape leaving the hunter to explain how he became a fox's prey.

Link - Via Canada, eh?

Wasn't there an old Shel Silverstein book about a lion who started hunting the hunter with his own gun?

I met a guy over 40 years ago who had tried to whack a raccoon with the stock of a shotgun and discharged both barrels into his chest. (He survived, amazingly)
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So the fox escaped...injured and died a slow agonizing death...If you are going to hunt...practice target shooting at a range first. A good shot doesn't have to finish the job with the butt of his gun. Sorry for those that thought this was a happy story.. sounds like the hunter is an unskilled dumb ass & dumb asses that play with guns usually get hurt. I'm saying a prayer that the fox didn't suffer to long.
While I see the haha irony of the story, I also know to well the reality.
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Well, even a skilled shooter may not always kill the target at first hit. His main failure was trying to kill an agonizing prey with the butt of his gun. Even if he's careful the cannon doesn't point him, if the animal tries anything he is in a big risk.
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"and I know about a guy that turned whater into wine"

The miraclulous part is finding a reliable source of "whater"
That stuff is rare!
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Reminds me of that scene from the animated movie The Plague Dogs from the early '80's. The dog meets a hunter and runs to greet him. The hunter rests his gun against his leg and holds out his arms to embrace the dog, but the dog steps on the trigger and shoots the hunter in the face. Not a film for kids, but I promise you, the movie is awesome.
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