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Attack of the Killer Hamster

This little feller, a European Hamster (yes, they also exist in Russia), turns out to be quite a feisty little rodent, as these two hapless Russians found out the hard way (they need the Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch!). In Soviet Russia, hamsters eat you!

Hit play or go to Link [YouTube] - via metafilter

Poor thing? What makes you say that?

They didn't hurt it at all and only scared it a bit before sending it off into the grass.

I wonder if wild hamsters always so ferocious
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I agree "poor thing!: It's very cute, and it's neat to see a wild hamster, it also sorta makes the evilness of pet hamsters make more sense... but for it to be attacking like that, instead of just running and hiding. It must feel that it is protecting something; it's food stores, or a litter of babies perhaps. So it sucks that those guys continue to torment it...:(
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Poor thing, my rear. I worked at a pet store and hampsters were evil. They always bit.

Rats on the other hand were friendly, cute, and unfortunately most sold a snake food. I always tried to convince people that rats would make the better pet for their little snowflakes.
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I was bit by a hamster when I was young. I'm not surprised at all.

I haven't seen any since then (not because I'm afraid though), so I have no clue about the correctness of what I am saying, but it seems like it has rabies. If I were this guy I wouldn't take chances and get vaccinated asap.
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That was adorably weird! Who knew that hamsters could be so vicious?? And big for that matter.
It was a little cutey though. I'll just admire it from afar!
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It is stressful to a wild animal to be threatened like that but it is interesting to see them in the wild. I don't know why people are surprised that a wild animal would attack something it feels as a threat. I've had many hamsters as pets which were very sweet but they were handled from a very young age and are used to human interaction. I would be scared as all hell if something 30 times bigger than me was shoving it's hands in my face and would certainly try to bite. Chances are if you have a pet hamster and it bites, it's because it is either older and was handled poorly or you freak your hamster out.
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I'd be concerned about rabies.

And the whole "in Soviet Russia" shtick only works if people normally ate hamsters everywhere else.
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Shame on you, Neato.

This isn't the first case of animal cruelty you've profiled on your site. Didn't you learn the first time?
There's nothing cute about stressing out a wild animal like this. It clearly feels the need to defend its turf, whether that's due to food, family or something else. The guys behind the camera were wrong to pursue it, and you were wrong to demean it further.

Goodbye, Neato.
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Honest to god Neatorama, why do you get so much pleasure out of videos of animals in distress.

It would be nice if we could all put our bigboy/girl pants on and have an more mature sense of humor.
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