Abraham Lincoln Riding a Grizzly Bear While Carrying a M-16

I can't tell which document Lincoln is carrying. But I intend to do what it says. deviantART user SharpWriter made this image based on a historic photograph. Really. Link via Everyday, No Days Off

The Linconln Myth reaches new levels of absurdity here. Let's continue to worship this warmongering statist who killed 600,00 people and destroyed the original voluntary Union.
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I, for one, choose to side with the completely unbiased opinion of the person with the South Carolina confederate flag avatar. If there is a universal truth about Abraham Lincoln, surely it can be found in the Deep South; where hot-blooded extremism has historically taken a back seat to logic-tempered reasoning.

If only MY state had a flag that espouses the yearning for a simpler time when free speech reigned -- as long as that speech wasn't anti-slavery.
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You can view the 3840x2160 version at the second link to the right of the photo. There you will see it is the Emancipation Proclamation.
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