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Women's Tears May Reduce Men's Testosterone

Humans are believed to be the only creatures that produce tears because of emotions like sadness and joy. But researchers at Israel's Weizmann Institute of Science may have found another function for tears: they reduce men's testosterone.

We found that merely sniffing negative-emotion–related odorless tears obtained from women donors, induced reductions in sexual appeal attributed by men to pictures of women’s faces. Moreover, after sniffing such tears, men experienced reduced self-rated sexual arousal, reduced physiological measures of arousal, and reduced levels of testosterone. Finally, functional magnetic resonance imaging revealed that sniffing women's tears selectively reduced activity in brain-substrates of sexual arousal in men.

Link -via io9 | Photo by Flickr user RishiB used under Creative Commons license

Her tears of laughter tend to put a dampener on a man's potency too, so be aware of that when selecting your underwear. If there's a chance they'll be seen, Mickey Mouse undies are rarely a prime choice. As for the elephant's trunk posing pouch... horror on a woman's face isn't great for putting lead into your pencil either.
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Hmm...I know that tears (esp. tears of pain and humiliation and deep emotions) are very important component in some people's sexual play (such as during BDSM)... It heightens their desires (?I think) and makes the connection more intense.
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Perhaps because he is seeing suffering, his heart opens up instead of libido going up. I know straight, caring men like this.
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Or maybe it's because it's kind of hard to be sexually aroused after someone randomly makes you sniff a bottle of a stranger's bodily fluid.
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OMG, can we get tanker-loads of this stuff and firehose it into the caves of Afghanistan so we can bring all the soldiers home? Maybe the Taliban will even stop tossing acid on little girls wanting to go to school. Dropping free Woody Allen movies on their opium fields doesn't seem to be working.

I guess this is also why women there are forced to wear Burqas there, to disable their weapons of male destruction.
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This cannot be true for all feminine tears. Makeup sex usually cannot wait for the tears to dry. Tears can even be sexy... perhaps emotional tears contain something that gagging tears do not? There is also the Bloodhound Gang's take that lapdances are always better when the stripper is crying (but that is entirely satire I hope)
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