43 Languages, One Message

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Hear New Year greetings in languages used all over the world. WojtekNYC assembled this with help from friends at Columbia University and the International House. If you can contribute any translation as to what was said, please leave them in the comments. -via The High Definite

I wish everyone a happy New Year 2011. I hope everyone will be happy celebrating however they like and that the new year will bring everyone joy, new friends, and happiness.
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Peruvian Spanish:
Happy New Year 2011, I'm sure it is gonna be the best year of my life.

For this 2011, I'd like that no one will ever have any problems with visas, I wish that every application is accepted, that the scholarships last longer, that we find jobs in New York and that we could stay, and that everyone can do whatever they want with this 2011.

Honduran Spanish:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I need to pee, I'm off to the restroom.

Mexican Spanish
Happy New Year, the best for everybody.

Katia, Spanish:
Happy New Year.
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Jing Li | Mandarin Chinese:
Hi! 2011 has arrived. Happy New Year. I wish that you will be prosperous.

Anthony | Cantonese:
2011 has arrived. So I wish everybody good fortune and health and study hard. [Something about "if you are Chinese, then.. China"] The most important thing is peace in the world.

Sayaka | Japanese:
Happy New Year. I hope you will favour [me] this year too. ~ rough translation.
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'Go mbeimid beo ag an am seo aris' Irish (It actually means 'May we all be alive at this time again')

(Phonetically it's pronounced 'Gu maymeed byo egg on am shu areesh'... sort of!)
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I love Bittersweet Symphony by the Verve way epic lol. I was shocked when I heard it because I was just listening to it right before I clicked on the video!
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Korean: Hello, friends - good to see you/nice to meet you! Good luck in the new year!
(Literally, Receive much new year's luck/many new year's blessings!)
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Brazilian Portuguese:
well, ladies and gentlemen, friends inside and outside the iHouse, who speaks now is Marcelo. I wish for you all, with all my heart, a great season, a happy 2011, full of happiness, a lot of money, lots of love, peace and everything good. This is my wish for you. A kiss and a hug.
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