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Cat Disturbed on Trampoline

(YouTube link)

Lesson learned: a child's trampoline is not the most peaceful place to take a catnap. -via Buzzfeed

The cat's making distressed noises further into the video. That kid comes incredibly close to accidentally landing on it. I'm not about to wave the 'omg cruel!' flag, but shame on the mother for allowing it.
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Are you posting this for us to enjoy or in the hope that someone will help track down the so-called "mother" who encouraged this behavior?
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This is just awful! The cat could get really hurt by that. If anyone else has been on a trampoline with someone else and fallen, you'll know that it's not exactly pleasant to be jostled around like that. I can only imagine what it would be like for the cat who is way smaller than the kid and isn't able to hold itself up. Great parenting skills by not only videotaping it, but encouraging the kid to jump higher.
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All you PETA wannabes are funny.

Is the cat Retarded? Drugged? Too stupid to move?

No, then don't worry, if the cat was truly distressed - it would get off the freaking trampoline.
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LOL at all these people hardwired to flip out every time they see a cat that isn't being totally mollycoddled. It's a trampoline for crying out loud, not a microwave.
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I wanted to find it funny but I was so worried about the little girl accidentally stepping on or falling on the cat. Little kids need to be taught how to treat animals, they don't know instinctively that something like that is dangerous and scary for the cat and is therefor not a good way to treat a pet. The kid thinks it's hilarious, the parent just tapes it, and the child is then encouraged to continue being reckless with an animal.
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I swear, if there wasn't genuinely neat stuff posted on Neatorama almost every day these darn "lack of empathy towards animals" posts would make me go away and never come back.

Come on Neato staff, stop going for the cheap post.
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That cat is not in any kind of distress at all. You can tell by the way it keeps trying to roll over. Our cat does the same thing when he's in a good playful mood.
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Lol yeah it was having a good time as it tried to claw its way to the edge of the trampoline and escape.

People are dumb. That mother is dumb, "Jump higher".. ergh.
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Yeah it goes to the edge of the trampoline, and right before the video ends you see the cat once again try to roll over in a playful manner.

You can tell when a cat is pissed off or upset, that cat is clearly not.
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The cat's in little danger since it could leave. The kid does not know any better. But I would thump the parent if that had happened in front of me.

"no danger to cat" is not the same as "not mistreating cat".
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Just because people show concern for animals does not mean they are members of PETA. That over generalization is just damn ignorant.

This is a stupid video. It seems the staff at neatorama have a mean streak when it comes to animals.

It would be nice if neatorama would move on from such basic "humor" to amuse themselves, and bring us something with more substance.
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At first it appears that the cat was enjoying the light bouncing. When the child bounced harder the cat got increasingly distressed and near the end had its ears laid back. A cat's intestinal system isn't the same as a five year old child's to take all of that jostling. And you try to stand on your feet and get off a moving trampoline. I wonder if the mother would have kept saying "jump harder" if the girl's baby brother or sister were on that trampoline.
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