Girl Goes from 0-10 Years in 1.5 Minutes (Time-Lapse)

(Video Link)

Natalie's family took a picture of her every day, from birth up until she turned ten years old, and cut all the photographs together to this impressive time-lapse video clip.

via and matt

Cool. You can do this better, I think, if you use Picasa. Choose Create / Movie / From faces in selection. Picasa will auto-align the eyes. Do a video search on "picasa movie faces".
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Wow. Just wow. Tx Neatoland. A fode every birthday? (plus some manip)

foff@snore Moran, don't you get the point?
foff@Manticore for showing latent mental problems.
foff@BikerRay ok, lets see 10 years of your bike rebuild projects then

This is why I like Neatorea.
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I had planned on doing this with my daughter, who just happens to be 10 as well. We started off pretty well, but forgot about it after the first few months.

It is amazing to see the change in the little girl. Not just her appearance, but her expressions, her interests in dolls, then clothes as she aged.
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Writer's tip: "Everyday" means "ordinary." You want "every day."

@Numba23: If only you had a worldwide repository of knowledge at your fingertips on which to look things up.
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We have a 6 year old daughter, and we thought about doing that, but being the third kid we settled for remembering to feed her and bring her in at night.

Good memories that.
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I'm a little jealous of this girl since I only have a handful of photos of me as a baby/toddler--and probably just lucked out because I was the first son after 3 daughters.
My siblings and I still muse about the progressive decline of photos taken from my oldest sister, who has literal volumes of pix, to my younger brother has only a smattering, sad to say, because surely my parents were too tired dealing with the other 4 of us to bother recording his life.
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Because everybody loves to see pictures of your precious child. Woo-hoo.

I would say this is pretty much an everyday sort of thing, since it's being done to death by narcissists everywhere.
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I'm a crude, crass, cynical monster in most ways but jeez people! This is very interesting. I hope they keep doing it -- I'd be fascinated to have such a document of my own childhood. She looks like a lovely girl. May the creeps stay away.
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To those calling this old:
You realize this is ten year's worth of photos, right? Which means they started ten years ago, right? Which means it predates ALL those videos of people taking pictures of themselves for a year, right? THINK before posting.
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foff@woof for your butchering of the English language.

I'm just stating a simple fact.

though now that I think about it, even 10 is a little old for pedobear. So maybe he'd disapprove.
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@Sue Donym (nice tag, by the way).

Nobody called it "old". Although ten years is old, people were calling it tedious, narcissistic, and done to death.
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I thought it was pretty neat, too. I know that's the speed my babies are growing up at... groan.

Love her headband stage. And the waving hands!
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