The Motorcycle Repurposed

This Friday’s Museum of Possibilities offers several ideas for new types of motorcycles. In this exercise, the concept of the basic motorcycle has been mined for its potential to provide a platform for new uses or added functions. These are not add-ons, conversions or mods, but complete motorcycle designs. Of course, sidecars and small trailers already exist. These concepts are offered merely to widen the discussion!

Visit Steven M. Johnson at his website.

Dear Mr. Johnson,

Every week I enjoy your creations, but this week (perhaps because you have so many new prototypes), I have taken it upon myself to critique them.


I don't think it's fair to critique such flights of fancies, so...I am going to flip a coin for every piece that is before me. Heads is pro, tails is con

1. Tails- I think that this boat could be beautifully execute if the rear wheel was simply turned sideways, the hubcap could act as a natural propeller.

2. My Grandfather would hate this (bless his soul), not flipping.

3. Pro- With it's small turning radius, it would be able to fit into most wheelchair ramps, and could actually transport files cabinets.
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Mr. Bewilde: Your means of deciding to criticize or praise my individual creations by a flip of a coin is wonderful. It points up the fact that my "flights of fancy" may be intriguing in some ways they are also usually flawed in some particular. What I do is rummage in my mind in a realm called DUMB IDEAS or SOPHOMORIC SOLUTIONS, and then try to depict the ideas as if they were plausible.
I need to ask you -- should you return to this site -- what you mean by "2. My Grandfather Would hate this (bless his soul)". I gather he is no longer alive? Are you referring to the second item, the motorcycle extender? Personally I love my idea because during the years I road a motorcycle, 1959-61, I sometimes wished cars would allow me the same amount of space as if I were a car. Obviously the joke is that the extender takes away one the motorcycle's great features, the ability to maneuver in tight spaces!
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Love the boat idea, that one seems most feasible. The sleep cycle however seems likely to induce an extreme claustrophobic response and possibly night terrors.

The Scooter Home as well has potential, if repowered with a larger bike.
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Walking the line between sublime and ridiculous as ever. Some of these I can imagine seeing parked at some summer event with aging overweight biker couples eating home made sandwiches while watching a steam vehicle rally (in the UK).
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The bike boat, could have an arm that swings into the air for wind turbine, generation or if wind catcher type blade, a safety reflector /light doo-hicky, I believe there is work on some sort of aibag inflating suit, and other safety features

I hope you can get back on a bike 50+ years is way too long.
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Dear Mr. KeepUp: I am okay with not riding a motorcycle ever again. Plus, do you REALLY want a rider on the streets with incipient hearing loss, and slowing reflexes?
Regarding your remark about an aibag (sic) inflating suit, how did you know about one of the items to appear in this Friday's blog? Do you work for a Psychic Hotline?
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