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Booba's New Shoes

(YouTube link)

A few days ago, Allie Brosch described in detail the confusion her dogs went through when wearing their first shoes. So you can witness that sort of thing yourself, here is Booba, a presumably normal Shi Tzu wearing his new yellow shoes. He doesn't appear to be accustomed to wearing shoes. -via Buzzfeed

The video is great! I love when he really gets going. How do you know these are Allie's dogs though? The brown dog toward the end sort of looks like her, uh, mentally challenged dog, but Booba doesn't look like the helper dog. Also, the youtube account is not hers, but actually someone with TONS of dog videos. I'm just making sure, because I'd love to see more videos of her cute dogs!
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I don't think they were saying these are Allie's dogs. It's just worded weird.

Anywho, HILARIOUS! Now I want to buy some for my dogs just so I can watch them walk funny :P
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Bahaha! My boxer did the same thing when we had to protect our freshly varnished floorboards for about a week or so. She managed to make it to her kennel and then refused to come out, looking longingly at anyone who walked past.

@EmilyO, I don't think Miss C is implying that these are actually Allie's dogs, rather I think the point is that they're experiencing the same thing that Allie described with the shoes and what not.
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The owner should have a gigant d**** forced up her a**
permanently, lets see how easy the biach finds it to walk around then.
AND this is animal cruelty and so far from neat as you can come!!!
Im not surprised that this post came from the crap spammer cellenia, less is more ,get a real job.
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Hey, emiiiiiiil, (did I get the right number of 'I's?) if you want to troll on Neatorama, you will have to step up your game. I the inappropriate (but less pornographic) insult thing on Miss C's home site a year ago. It worked then, but the crowd is now too hip for that shit these days. Better luck next time.
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Wow, DANCE DOG DANCE - funny on a doggie. Put it on any other animal and its cruelty.

"freddy the cat is learning how to move after we cut its whiskers off teehee"

I know its considered cute, but the animal is clearly distressed. Is there any reason to put those shoes on besides the entertainment of others? Why not put a jacket on a fish and watch it freak out teehee
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It's kinda sad that people feel the need to put shoes on their dogs just to save their precious floor. Somehow I can't imagine that dog's going to be used as a husky or go on long hikes where dog-shoes seem somewhat more useful.
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Whoa- back off up there emiiiiiiil. Don't waste your (precious, I'm assuming) time commenting if you can only spew garbage like that.

I understand why you might put boots on your dogs when you take them out for a walk... don't think I'd do it, though. I reckon they get used to it fast enough, though.
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Wow, someone is a little upset about dog shoes.

My goodness, not like this is a video of a person abusing their dog. It's shoes.

I think dressing up dogs and cats is a little goofy, however, I also understand that some dogs don't have the coat for a cold climate, yet still enjoy being outside. The salt that some city's use to melt ice can do serious damage to the paws of a dog, so they are necessary.

What's more cruel, having your dog freezing outside without proper protection, or taking active steps so your dog is safe, albeit a little silly looking?
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I put boots on my dog in the winter, when we go out in the deep snow. But these are not like those in that video. The ones I have are Muttluks, they are heavy duty.. They save his paws from any of the chemicals that the snow plow has put down. They also keep the snowballs from balling up in between his toes.
So, should I be called in for animal abuse?
I am preventing any injury to my dogs paws, or any potential damage to his internal organs, that might come from when he licks his paws. If he were to lick his paws, and he did not wear the boots while walking in the snow, he could ingest the road "salt" residue.

But my dog is a Chow, and not a tiny little indoor thing. I am also not doing it for fashion.
Ftr-I do not know why that dog is wearing booties, but it does not look like my situation.
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It's about as 'cruel' as the process horses go through when learning how to take a saddle and bridle. This isn't animal cruelty, it's gently introducing them to an unfamiliar situation that won't cause them any harm.

Rescue dogs in disaster zones frequently wear these to protect their pads from glass and other harmful materials on the ground. It'd be potentially far more cruel to *not* put those on. As for taking a dog out in the cold or rain... personally, I think it's a mostly unnecessary measure, but it certainly won't *hurt* them. Cruel, pah.
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Ohmygosh that was SO Funny!!!! Thank you for making my day. And even though Boobah looks a little perplexed he doesn't seem to be suffering at all.
Another reason to put shoes like that on a dog would be allergies - certain dogs (like mine) will chew on their feet to the point of bleeding and so need some kind of covering to protect them.
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Wow, I didn't read carefully enough!! Thank you to LisaL for pointing that out politely =)

And I want to emphasize, I LOVE YOU, Miss Cellania! I'm from the K-Y too =)
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Nature has already provided dogs with shoes.....ever look at their paws? pure animal cruelty. shame on you for being entertained by some poor animal that doesn't like what its clueless owner does to it.
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Exceptional cases apart (thank you, O) I think this is the perfect example of why you should NOT put boots on a dog. It's just plain cruel. That poor animal doesn't know what hit him, or where to go. There is no value in putting that creature through this. Shame on Neato for profiling it.
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We used a product called Pawz I believe with our beagle when he got confused with regular boots. They're incredibly simple tough rubber similar to balloons in effect but don't cause the pads to feel like there's anything there. The reason Booba looks so confused is that he's convinced there's ground on his feet when he lifts his paws.

And for those stating that boots on paws is animal cruelty, you've never had to lift and carry your poor dog home when salt or ice have gotten between their pads. Our beagle much preferred romping through the snowy streets wearing boots to limping along with ice packed in his pads. Or are you suggesting that owners not take dogs out when it snows?
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I don't understand why people think this is cruel in any way shape or form. So what, the dog is walking funny b/c of some shoes on its feet. The pup is unsure and hesitant, and no doesn't like the shoes but cruel? Abusive? REALLY??
Learn what real animal abuse & cruelty is before spewing off that nonsense.

This is harmless.
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I'm guessing it was a practice run for when Booba goes out, wearing his new boots, for the first time? I reckon it's cruelty only if he knows the internets are giggling...

There are gels for doggy paws, that supposedly create a shield against salt. Don't know how well they work tho.
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