Custom Pencil Sharpening Business

You could sharpen your own pencils, but who would want to go to all the effort? Send them to David Rees of Artisanal Pencil Sharpening, and he'll whittle them to perfection and return them to you with the shavings and a certificate of authenticity:

This is how Rees' artisanal pencil sharpening works: You might send him your favorite pencil, but Rees more often selects and sharpens a classic No. 2 pencil for his clients, he promises, "carefully and lovingly." He slides the finished pencil's very sharp tip into a specially-sized segment of plastic tubing, then puts the whole pencil in a larger, firmer tube that looks like it belongs in a science experiment. Throw it at a wall, he says, and it won't break. The cost? $15.

Rees lives in New York's Hudson Valley, a region full of tiny vineyards and cheese makers and old-school butchers and bookbinders. It's a place where people take the time to create things by hand.

Rees is also known for his political cartoon franchise called Get Your War On.

Link via Fast Company | Company Website | Rees' Website | Photo: Meredith Heuer/LA Times

I'm beginning to appreciate quality over quantity. I've been getting grass-fed milk delivered in glass bottles, and it is SO good! It's more expensive but the money goes to local farmers and the product is better.

There's a difference between paying for a brand and paying for quality.
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Yeah, I don't think I'd pay money for that. My Dad for the most part always sharpened his pencils with his pocket knife. It was quicker and easier than trying to find a sharpener when you needed one plus he always carried a pocket knife, and a sharp one at that. Sharpening a pencil by hand was always helpful for him since he was a sign painter and that way he could get a broad pencil stroke or fine line right then and there.
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This isn't serious, right? C'mon. I can understand paying more for something like, say, grass-fed milk in glass bottles, since I can't do that myself. But sharpen a pencil? What kind of gits does this guy think we are? : )
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As I understand it from his site, he uses a mechanical pencil sharpener much of the time.

I learned to sharpen pencils from my great-uncle, a man who was perhaps the epitome of a steam-punk hero, he lived in a house with no electricity, he grew his own foods, kept chickens and a cow, repaired his grandfather clock with an escapement wheel he cut with scissors out of the bottom of a bean-can, and spent his working days as a draughtsman, drawing details of the wing-roots, and weapons fitments of supersonic aircraft.
He sharpened his pencils with an ancient, bone-handled clasp knife,which he kept scalpel-sharp, and refined the edge by honing it on a pad of "flour-paper".

That's artisanal pencil sharpening.

Real men sharpen their own.
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"He's mocking you, as he does with Get Your War On."
Agreed; loved the political 'toons, even bought a couple of the books!

And he still gets the last laugh, as there are probably idiots who will actually spend money on this "service."
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