The Cheapest Taxi Rates in the World

The blog The Price of Travel assessed the average rate for a 3-kilometer taxi ride in one hundred cities. The editors observed that, with some exceptions, taxis were almost the same level of automotive quality worldwide. Higher-quality cars did not necessarily correlate with higher rates.

These were the ten cheapest rates:

$0.90 – $1.58 Delhi, India
$0.97 – $1.28 Mumbai, India
$1.04 – $1.73 Cairo, Egypt
$1.14 – $1.71 La Paz, Bolivia
$1.17 – $1.87 Manila, Philippines
$1.22 – $2.03 Mexico City, Mexico
$1.23 – $2.94 Panama City, Panama
$1.23 – $1.68 Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
$1.24 – $1.86 Fez, Morocco
$1.29 – $1.94 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Link via Marginal Revolution

Photo of taxi in Mumbai by Flickr user Jody McIntyre used under Creative Commons license

I would be curious to know how that varies depending on the nationality/race of the traveler. Certainly in Mumbai being white appears to equate to having a "rob me" sign on your head when it comes to taxis. Apparently something similar frequently happened in London with well dressed Arabs.
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Something else to note is that Taxis in most of the ten cities are probably the most expensive way of private travel. Smaller tri-wheel vehicles are much cheaper and prefered by the general public
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@Ratz @HolyKid I've travelled in Delhi and Mumbai in these taxis and they are pretty cheap. The motorised tuktuks are more fun and even cheaper but you leave yourself exposed to the human element which is a massive culture shock to many westerners.
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But the taxis in Kuala Lumpur, will independently charge according to:
a) driver's mood
b) driver's sex drive
c) passenger gender
d) if passenger is a girl, amount is proportional to amount of skin covered up
e) tourist or local
f) finally how dumb you look
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