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Billion Dollar Home

Think that housing prices are outrageous? Check out this billion (yes, you read that right: $1,000,000,000) house owned by India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani:

Need to cool off after the stressful drive? Of course there's a swimming pool and yoga studio. Or, by some accounts, an ice room to escape the Mumbai heat, infused with man-made snow flurries. Then there's the mini-theater, three balconies with terrace gardens, the health club, spectacular views of the Arabian Sea (and the Mumbai slums). [...]

Sedate isn't an obvious description for the new building, which reportedly requires 600 staff members to keep Ambani, wife Nita, their three children and Ambani's mother in the style they'll soon become accustomed to.

The rather awkward-looking structure was designed by U.S. architects using principles of Vaastu, Indian traditional geomancy akin to Chinese feng shui, to maximize "positive energy." No two floor plans are alike, and the materials used in each level vary widely, driving up the cost.

600 staff for a family of 5? Why, that's downright silly - you'd only need 200 tops, otherwise it's just extravagance. Mark Magnier of the Los Angeles Times has more: Link (Photo: Danish Siddiuqui/Reuters)

I am doing my laundry right now and I have a huge disorganized pile of clothes in the middle of my room. That pile looks more attractive that this "house." It looks ridiculous, it's like a bunch of matchboxes stacked together. And the $1b? That's just sad.
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may be ugly from the outside but i'm sure the inside looks better. i remember in my hometown (think third world country, slums) the rich people live in what looks like the ugliest concrete buildings but when you go inside, interior design is just amazing complete with imported furnishings. my dad said it's both a way not to stand out too much from the neighbors who are not as fortunate as you are, as well as to deter kidnappers.

as for the staff of 600, well, i'm sure that in a building that big, maybe only 100 is necessary but think of it in terms of being in a third world country again: labor is cheap and you are providing employment to 500 more people who would otherwise be unemployed.
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@flyfish is right. Beverly Hills is the exact opposite where the houses are grand and opulent on the outside but drab and underwhelming on the inside. If you look closely at the picture it seems obvious that the Bombay house was designed for the inhabitants. Not for outsiders to gawk at it with glowing admiration.
Which begs for some interior shots.
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A lot of old houses in a metropolis end up being divided into apartments long after the original tenant is gone. This looks pre-designed to end up as a shanty town!
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Those 5 people live in a billion dollar home. Meanwhile, there are a billion people living in homes worth about 5 dollars.

I thought that the wealth inequality in the US was bad...
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