The 13 Best Geek Halloween Costumes

Still looking for the perfect Halloween costume that really expresses your interests? Well, if you’re looking for something nerdy, geeky or dorky, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide to geeky Halloween costumes.

Best Costume Based Around A Wheelchair: Darth Vader Tie Fighter

If you thought wheelchair-bound people couldn’t have any fun on Halloween, think again. This tie fighter costume takes advantage of the chair and incorporates it into an undeniably cool Star Wars costume.

Best Geeky Pregnancy Costume: Darth Vader With Death Star

The Darth Vader with his Death Star costume might not be the most elaborate Star Wars costume, but it makes up for lack of complexity with comfort and the use of the baby bump to fill in the Death Star is just brilliant.

Best Utterly Insane Star Wars Costume: Luke Skywalker on A Tauntaun

We’ve all seen our share of hokey, horse-riding costumes, but using expansion foam to construct an incredibly realistic looking tauntaun with Luke Skywalker on top is a whole different story.

Best Transformers Costume: Transforming Transformer

Video link

There are tons of Transformers costumes out there and while most of them are pretty cool, few of them look so convincing when transformed into a car.

Best Pet Costume Made From Trash: Cardboard U.S.S. Enterprise

Yes, this Star Trek dog costume is geeky, and yes the dog does look cute in a sad way. But no, this costume isn’t a good idea. And no, he won’t like having cardboard and beer cans taped to his back.

Best Comic Book Villain Costume: Doctor Octopus

Sure you could be Kingpin, Two-Face or Mystique, but none of those characters have awesome arms growing out of their back like Doctor Octopus. It's a way cooler look to carry around your enemy on your back.

Best Steampunk Superhero Costume: Steampunk Iron Man

Sure he might need to change his name to Copper Man in this Jules Verne-inspired take on the classic Marvel hero, but it doesn’t make the character any less cool.

Best Adult Videogame Costume: Big Daddy From Bioshock

Video link

This Big Daddy costume is amazing in that it not only looks exactly like the characters in the videogame, but the left arm drill actually spins thanks to the help of a hidden electric drill inside the costume.

Best Child Videogame Costume: Mega Man

It takes one dedicated dad to put something like this together for his three year old, but if you have the dedication and technical proficiency, you can follow The Aging Gamer’s instructions on how to put together a Mega Man costume for your little one.

Best Console Costume: Working Gameboy

Video link

This Gameboy costume has a working monitor on it displaying Tetris, even better, the game can be controlled with the buttons on the costume.

Best New School Cat Meme Costume: Spaghetti Cat

The best thing about this weird meme costume is that the original cat in the video looked so fake and awkward, just like this woman.

Best Website Costumes: Google Tube and YouTube

I think the best thing about these two costumes is the intricate background details behind the “actors,” which really gives a 3D feeling to the video area of the page.

Best Nature Costume: Webbegong Shark

Most kids who dress as animals choose dog or cat costumes, but this webbegong shark costume is not only unique, but incredibly accurate as well. The little two year-old was obsessed with the sharks and his seamstress mother was more than happy to indulge in his interests. What was your favorite costume ever? Do you know what you'll be this year?

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Fucking cool shit!!! And... it's gonna look really weird when the Enterprise takes a crap on the lawn.

This reminds me of one of the best Halloweens I've had: I dressed up as a trash collector and my friend dressed up as a trash bag. Simple as simple can be.
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My favorite costume ....Think it was the skeleton ones my dad made. Growing up, Haloween at our home was always about scaring the pants off of you. I continue the tradition. If I do not receive at least one phone call saying I may have been to scary - then I did not do a good enough job.

This year - I am going as La Calavera Catrina.
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My uncle always wore a costume in his wheelchair. it didn't matter to anyone that he was in one. just because a perons is disabled doesn't mean they sit around at halloween doing nothing.

I think the tie fighter's a great idea, but it effectively blocks the person's vision to only what's in front of them. That limits social interaction incredibly. Maybe if the wings were bent down like Darth Vader's ship, the person could have had a wider range of vision.

Doc Ock was pretty nifty, too.
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