The Worst Beer in the World

According to the connoisseurs at, Old English 800 is the worst beer in the world. Here's one review:

Bad aftertaste, rancid mouth. Not fit for students, bums or the desperate for a drink. Nothing but horrible taste and booze. I am less of a person for having consumed this.

At the link, you can see a list of the fifty worst beers as determined by these reviewers.

What's the worst commercially available beer that you've tasted? via Ace of Spades HQ | Photo:

This is hilarious!! I love OE 800! In grad school once, I walked through a drive-through liquor store with some friends and asked for a 40 of it... and they said they've never had that particular request!!!

As for awful beers, perhaps I just have horrible taste, but Heineken is the only thing I won't drink. It is disgusting- and I bought exclusively bottom-shelf liquor during college. haha.
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I used to live in the middle of the ghetto, and we would all drink OE 800 from time to time, it was pretty bad, but it was pretty strong too. One of my neighbors talked me into trying something called "Steel Reserve." Worst thing I've ever tasted, and I've tasted a lot of bad things.
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Harp. I don't know what it is about it given that I love the Guinness company's other products, but I can't stand it.

Then again, I've taken a smell of some beers and walked away, so I'm likely missing out.
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So far all beers are tied for Worst Beer for me. There's just something that tastes pretty much like vomit. Though I've found stouts tend to be less repellent. Still on the "yuck" scale though. Bummer, cuz I live in the Northwest. Beer heaven.
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Star and Carling Black Label have to be the two nastiest beers I've ever tasted. However I can't drink Bud either because it's so acidic that even after a couple I'm hovering over the Porcelain God.
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I once won a bad beer contest with something called, "Old Red, White, and Blue". Evidentally it was discontinued years ago.
I was honestly surprised to see Steel Reserve wasn't up there. That canned demon urine is about as palatable as a load of double 00 buck to the tastebuds.
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Some on the list are bad because they are just too diluted. Then there are the ones made from cheap or over processed ingredients. Those are made that way on purpose and are forgivable if unfortunate. What amazes me are the beers that are made to be a taste treat but are in fact horrid. No question that Cave Creek Chili Beer is the worst of that lot.

I even bought a second bottle at another place because I could not believe the first one had not gone bad.
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I for one love OE 800! It's cheap, leads to a good time and is a bonding experience if any friends decide to join you in taking on a 40. Also, for those who really can't handle the taste, it's been said that OE goes great mixed with OJ. Taste is a subjective thing.

Personally, I find very hoppy IPAs almost undrinkable. Take your pick.
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One cannot judge taste, as taste bases on individual preferences!

As a German professional brewer I can say that I am appaled at what artificial crap is put into american/canadian beers. I try not to drink them - hard when living in northern America...

I agree with you 100% on the IPAs. Not worth calling it beer...
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Oranjeboom. Pretty tasteless and the worst part is that if you drank any other brench before, you'll definitely have a hangover. Even if you only had one or two.
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This stuff called Camo Ice, only available in the Chicago area, only comes in 40s. It clocks in at 9% and tastes like Natty Ice mixed with rubbing alcohol.
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definitely had worse than OE. Crest super is a 10% beer that makes OE seem pretty palatable by comparison.

I drink it once in a while to help me feel more sympathetic for hobos.
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Wikipedia article on OE:

"Over the years, Olde English has garnered multiple awards. In 1991, 1992, 1994, and 1995 it was awarded a Gold medal in the American Malt Liquor category at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF). Olde English also took home the Gold medal in the American Style Specialty Lager category in 1997.[1] Olde English High Gravity 800 won the Bronze medal in the American Style Specialty Lager category in 2006."
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Buckhorn beer. Not so much that it tastes bad but one could drink a six pack and not even know it. It was not even near-beer. More like far-from-beer. Cheap though back in the day - $2.00 a six.
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while i drink PBR daily (which *obviously* didn't make the list) I prefer beers through which a solar eclipse may be safely viewed.

there is a point where a beer gets too dark and ends up being like syrupy watered down malt, though porters seem to be able to go darker than stouts without suffering this.

to those who hate IPA's: it's an acquired taste. i remember as a kid drinking sierra nevada and thinking it tasted like rubber bands. now i drink the torpedo and love it (though the tumbler has recently dominated my purchases)

best beers: black butte porter, road dog porter, tumbler brown, rogue hazelnut brown ale, torpedo ipa, sam adams, and my guilty pleasure, youngs double chocolate stout.

worst beer: anything by miller.
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Not a big fan of Miller products; for affordable I am okay with Coors products. I was pleasantly surprised to see that my parents' beer of choice, Strohs, was not on the list - I figured it would be because it is considered a cheap one. One beer I had a long time ago but remember its flavor distinctly was Iron City Light in the Pittsburgh area - can't say that I cared for it too much.
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Mickey's is pretty bad.

Corona smells like it comes from a sewage treatment plant.

Ballantine Ale smells like skunks.

Worse still, as noted above, are the more pricey beers designed to be good but turn out horrible.

Dogfish beers all have some kinda weird funk.

Saranacs all taste & smell too fruity.

Stella is bad purely because pseudo-snob New Yorkers think its so foofy + exclusive when it's really just the Budweiser of Europe; which they would know if they'd actually traveled instead of being a poser.

Stella is to bourgeois Manhattan phonies as PBR is to Williamsburg Hipster dbags.
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Damn son, I'd swear I wrote your comment. We'll have to grab a beer sometime.

@ Will L

Excellent points, the one thing to point out is the use of some green and especially clear bottles (Ballantine in green and Corona in clear) can't filter out sunlight like a brown bottle. This causes that 'skunky' smell and flavor (see also Heineken, Carib, any import in a non-brown bottle). So what is potentially a good beer off a draft is ruined by the bottle, besides Corona...that swill isn't good coming from anywhere.

Also I've had Coors in Golden, Co right off that tap and it tastes fine (for macro rice beer). Then I'll try it out of a can from the store and I can't stomach one swallow.

Drink $1 cans of PBR or $20 bottles of Belgium Tripel...just as long as you enjoy it and it tastes good to you.
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Worst beer I ever tasted, Pure Blonde, low carb rubbish was like a bottle of chemicals. Also bad was Emu Bitter. Surprisingly Swan Draught wasn't that bad! Also IPA's are definitely an acquired taste but good ones are really good.
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most very strong beers are disapointing,usually over 8% you are taken in by fancy the bottle pour in glass and head disappears faster than lightning and tastes like flat coke
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Does anybody remember Canadian Ace? $1 for a 1/2 gallon of piss water. Truly awful in all possible ways. Carling Black Label and Ballantine Ale give you the worst breath (good for peeling paint).
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Seeing No. 17 (Budweiser Chelada) on the linked list reminded me of my wedding reception...we provided a vast assortment of drinks and I included one can of Budweiser Chelada as the "secret drink" - whoever had the guts to choose it got a door prize.
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worst beer in the WORLD is Egyptian beer called STELLA

as far as I know, it was the only beer in Egypt at the time ('91) and I never finished a bottle. Eventually I just give up on it and switched to gin and Teem.

my worst homebrewed disaster tasted better than Stella.
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It should be pointed out that it isn't regular ol' Olde English 800 that topped the list, but 3.2% OE 800 (regular OE is 5.9%).

The 3.2% (ABW, not ABV) version is a low-alcohol version for some states that have silly alcohol laws, like Minnesota, Kansas and Colorado (probably a small handful of others). I know in those states, grocery/convenience stores can only sell the "three-two brew", and anything over 3.2% can only be sold in licensed (or sometimes state-run) stores.
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can anybody please, tell me where i can find Canadian Ace. i havnt seen it like since 1983 it was 1.oo for a half gallon. it taste like crap but, it will put wheels under you.
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