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Firemen Rescue Flushed Kitten

Three-year-old Alannah Merleto of Baulkham Hills, New South Wales, Australia flushes a lot of things down the toilet, as some children do, but her two-day-old kitten was the worst thing she could flush.
Mum Ammie Croft called in the cavalry to her Baulkham Hills home after not being able to find the fourth kitten in a newly-born litter.

""I asked Alannah if she knew where he was and she said 'down the toilet'," Ms Crofts said. "I didn't believe it could be true. I thought, 'she can't have put the kitten down the toilet'." A whimper from the pipes confirmed her fears.

Complete with rescue equipment used in the 1989 Newcastle earthquake disaster, the NSW Fire Brigade arrived and began their quest.

The rescue crew found the kitten by putting a camera down the pipe, and pushed the kitten to an access valve. The eight firefighters worked for five hours to free the kitten. The kitten was reunited with his mother Pusska and was renamed Cain after the firefighter who pulled him from the drain. Link -via Buzzfeed

(Image credit: Brad Hunter)

What a demented photo. Yeah, lets give the little girl BACK the kitten she just flushed down the toilet.
Seriously WTF?? Shouldn't a 3yo know better by then than to do something like that??
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While I would not expect a three year old to know any better. I would think the parent would know that a kitten is not appropriate to have in the home anymore.
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I just don't understand the thought process of the child. I remember when I was three and I had a pet preying mantis that I took care of. Maybe she has a mental problem; if so poo poo on the mother for being an idiot.
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My faith in humanity was restored a little bit when I came here and saw that everyone agreed w/ me that there is something wrong w/ either the kid or the parents instead of defending the little girl

and I think absolin was being partly humorous
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I love how damning so many people are over the actions of a freaking 3 year old.


Seriously, she's three guys. You all were probably busy eating dirt when you were her age.
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@Coldfusion - there's not much water in toilet plumbing:
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This is a teaching experience. Yes, it's horrible that a 3-year-old flushed a live kitten down a toilet. However, when I was her age, I attempted to put a puppy on a gas grill. The cover was closed but still hot. My rationale was that the puppies had just been bathed and I thought the grill would help to dry them. My dad caught me in time as I was trying to lift the cover--thank goodness--and then sternly impressed upon me that my well-meaning idea would have hurt the puppy badly. So I learned at a very young age to treat animals as I would want to be treated. And to this day I love animals and well, just didn't turn out to be a serial killer. So if this little girl has some good and conscientious parents, this is their opportunity to make sure she never does anything like this again. Lessons can be taught to children in a firm but loving manner, but it's the children who never learn not to do something because it could hurt someone else--or care that it could hurt someone else--who grow up to be sociopaths.
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Just look at the clownish grin of that DEVIL child...

And how the hell can the ****ing moron parents want the rest of the world to see this? What their beast of a child did (is)? Because they worship everything their genious angel child does, I'm sure. PUKE.
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Stupid kid.
I agree with people, kids can treat their pets like crap. They should be taught to treat any pet with love and respect. Just like anybody/anything.
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I read all the comments on the original article at the link... seems that the majority of the locals think that it's normal/understandable that a 3-year-old would flush any number of random things down a toilet. Seriously? I don't have kids, but none of my friends with kids have ever mentioned theirs flushing anything down a toilet, living or otherwise. WTF is wrong with those people down under??
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