Singing, Dancing Robot

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AIST's new HRP-4C robot does a fairly good impersonation of human body movements. This 5'2" fembot was unveiled at the Digital Contents Expo in Tokyo. The only thing that it needs is a steady energy supply.


Impressive, but....still kinda creepy. Yeah, the man hands gave me the willies. I think a different outfit would have been better, too. The 'baby doll/go-go dancer' dress just looked...odd.
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I always find it interesting how the Japanese try to make themselves and their robots/cartoons/etc... look like white people.

Also, why do they always seem so obsessed with prepubescent girls? Or is that just a stereotypical impression fueled by our media?
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"Also, why do they always seem so obsessed with prepubescent girls?"

Because most Adult Japanese males have the social skills of a 6 year old when it comes to the opposite sex.

Now that arranged marriages are history, the men find they don't have the skills required to interact socially with women (that and the Japanese women are way to smart to want to settle as a housewife for some drunken misogynistic salary man).

So the men stick to their upskirt video cameras, train groping, sexless hostess bars, censored porn, tentacle rape porn manga, sex pillows, and the dream that someday they'll find a nice sexy fembot to marry and their worries will be over.
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My wife likes the dress- is that for sale somewhere?

Oh and the robot- Why the girl's head and human hands on it? The robot still has worse movements than Pinocchio on a bad wire-day, so perhaps stick to Boba Fett helmet like head and matching mechanical hands?
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@Randi: totally agree with you. If there are people dancing around, I think they should try robot dancing. That's quite nice, and I'm sure that I won't have a chance to seperate which one is a robot, which one is human lOl
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I think you mean man hands. Women do have human hands - haha.

I think the dress is designed the way it is to hide all its robot parts.
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