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Cop Jumps into Car to Escape Pack of Wolves on Highway

(Video Link)

Allegedly, this video was taken from security camera footage from a highway in the Russian city of Rostov-on-Don. A police officer pulls over a motorist. As he talks to the driver, a pack of wolves or wild dogs attack him. The officer jumps into the backseat of the car to escape them.

Some people on the Internet think that this video is fake. What do you think?

via Urlesque, where there's another video of the same event

Yeah, I totally agree with Kanji. If they were attacking, wouldnt they be jumping on the car and whatnot? They mustve seen the Chuck Wagon go by and were wanting some kibble. lol
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Looks real, though strange, to me. It's hard to fake all the animals' shadows like that. Besides, if you're going to put a lot of time into making a fake video, why would it be THAT?
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This cop is like OSHA's wet dream. He not only secured himself in a safe position, when the danger was over he immediately went to a fellow officer and delivered an oral report of the situation.

He's probably taken the OSHA 30 class.
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I don't think they mean fake as in edited, but rather staged. I don't think it was. It's bizzare, but, yeah. What would be the point of this if it were fake. It's not THAT shocking, and it doesn't promote anything.
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Yeah, I agree with Kanji too. Those wolves showed no interest in him at all, they were just running down the road. So if this wasn't staged he was kind of being a wuss about it. It's rare for wild wolves to attack people. However this situation came about, this wasn't an attack.
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I lived in Russia for a couple of years and packs of wild, mangy dogs were very common in the city I lived in. In fact I heard numerous stories of hungry ones attacking people. The videos is probably not faked, but they definitely don't look like they are on the attack.
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Hmm.... and then there is this video which was supposedly taken from inside the car.

It is strange though, if you watch both videos, the cop does different things in each video. Like in the "in-car" video, he clearly tries the car door before the occupants open it for him. In the first video he just opens the door and jumps in.

Hmmm.. idk. =)
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I hope it's fake. If highways in Russia are marked like the highways in the US, he stopped that car in a lane of traffic. (Not the traffic markings on the road.
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Just a pack of dogs on the move from one place to the next- Common in several Russian places. Nothing special, people are used to it and just will be wise to step out of the way just in case. Just like you see here. Hardly newsworthy.
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I live Ukraine which is quite a bit like Russia (which I've visited)- I agree with the others who've noted that packs of wild dogs aren't uncommon. I'd get out of the way of this one, too, just in case. And, as far as the cop stopping the car in a lane of traffic- that's not all that unusual, either...
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Doesn't look staged to me. They look like wolves to me by their size and fur markings but I'm not from Russia so I can't be sure. And I agree those dogs didn't even give the cop a second glance, they were just doin' their wolf thing.
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He really didn't "pull over" the motorist. I don't know too many people that see a cop standing on the side of the road and for no apparent reason decide they've been pulled over and actually pull off...
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