Parachuting into a Football Stadium

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Sgt. Adam Sniffen of the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne division dropped into the football stadium at the University of Michigan to deliver the game ball. A tongue-controlled head-mounted camera captured his descent from several thousand feet up.

Link via Ace of Spades HQ

Beautiful precision jump. I'm wondering what else he does as airborne typically use a dope rope and that was (a 1/2 second) free fall jump. He was wearing what looks like a Gold Knights jump suit but had the screaming eagle on his canopy.

Too bad it was shot at Michigan. Go Hawks!
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Wow, that was very.. neat! Right on the target too. I really liked the spins he was pulling for effect. Boy, no other country has sporting events like your American football - like how many people where there? A million? I especially liked when the sound of the crowd started to be heard on the camera.

TY neatorama!
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I guess it's much harder to control your descent when there's a dozy great flag hanging off you too. Were those spins for effect or did something on his canopy not deploy properly? There seemed to be an awful lot of tugging on the lines.
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Hooray! I was there for that. Best part of the whole game. The only bad thing was that he went for the target at the expense of his legs. I can't watch the video at work, but if it shows the view from the stadium, he comes down pretty hard.

That stadium holds 109,901 and attendance was announced at just over 113,000.
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Amazing to think what that is like. I think I might enjoy sky diving, but I don't think I will do such a thing unless I am in a plane that's on fire.

...Then I would be like- Yea baby!!! Otherwise, I am too chicken.
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Nice. FYI: The spiraling wouldn't be for effect, it's a way of losing vertical height quickly without much horizontal movement.

I had to laugh at the stars-and-stripes coming out the back. I can't think of many other countries in the world with such nationalism: perhaps N.Korea?
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