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Woman Mistakes Superglue for Eyedrops

It's a classic but tragic mistake. Irmgard Holm of Phoenix, Arizona has several eye drop medications because of cataract surgery, but what she grabbed was a bottle of superglue.
"The bottles are identical and I am not young anymore, but I am not senile," says Holm.

She tried washing the adhesive out, but the quick-drying glue did its job and sealed her eye shut. Paramedics and hospital staff had to get it open and wash out her eye before major damage was done.

"They had to cut off the glue substance and it was all hard and in the eye, and I couldn't even see."

Her case is not as rare as one would hope.
The Food  and Drug Administration will interview Holm later this week, and she hopes her case and the others will put pressure on glue makers to change their bottles' shape and size.

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or how about you don't keep your superglue next to your eye drops. It's like not keeping your hemorrhoid cream next to your toothpaste or your rice next to your bowl of maggots.
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Randi is correct. I tend to have two separate areas, one for medical stuff and the other for mechanical stuff since, you know, they don't naturally go together.

Like, for example, my caulk is NOT in the medicine cabinet and I definitely don't keep my WD4 there. At the same time, I DON'T keep my advil next to my wrenches, and my hydrogen peroxide is not next to my soldering iron. I think it's a pretty simple concept.
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1. I agree with not keeping your eye drops next to your super glue. That's asking for trouble.

2. How is it the glue company's responsibility to change their design? I would think that since the eye drops are a medication it would be prudent for them to change. Wouldn't someone making the eyedrops says "this looks like potentially blindness causing glue bottles."
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Randi, I brushed my teeth with hemorrhoid cream once.. or was it.. cream against acne? I don't remember. It was something disgusting at least.

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Medications are easily messed up. I got ahold of an oblong small bos for my meds. The am meds are packed in my ring holder with my first name on it. You have to be very studious and careful as even nurses are trained to read the medication label before administering!
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I doubt that she kept the bottles in the same place. It seems more likely that the superglue bottle was left on a table, then put back in the wrong place because she didn't recognize what it was. The poor woman!
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solution: Blue tape around the superglue bottle.

unless your eyedrops are blue...>.>

Some other non-visual clue would be good too. Velcro maybe?

either way, what the hell. lol
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Ouch, no snarky comment here. I woulnd't wish that on anyone. Admit it, you could probably envision yourself too distracted to notice or too busy to have put some small little bottle separate from some other small little bottle somewhere in the house.
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I like how the FDA is going to try to pressure the glue companies to change their packaging.... uh, the FDA has jurisdiction, or whatever you want to call it, over the eye drop company, so why not just make THEM change the packaging of their eyedrops? imagine that, a government agency in the United States sticking their noses where it doesn't belong...
now the question is, who had the packaging first? I'd go research it, but I just douched my noze,,, damn you Afrin, damn you all to hell..... ;)
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I've done some dumb things in my day, but I pay extra special attention to anything to do with my eyes.

This goes beyond dumb and you can't legislate against stupidity.
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"Randi is correct. I tend to have two separate areas, one for medical stuff and the other for mechanical stuff since, you know, they don't naturally go together."

Superglue IS a medical item. While I agree that keeping it anywhere it might be mistaken for something else is foolish (and who wouldn't notice the smell??) but lots of people do keep a tube of it for quick laceration repair.
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Random Fact:

Combining superglue and a chamois cloth produces a violent exothermic reaction. It may only be synthetic chamois - I'm not sure. All I know is that I've never seen this mentioned on the entire internet, and yet it happened to me in the third grade. The cloth immediately contracted around my thumb and began smoking and burning uncontrollably. It produced second degree burns, and water did not extinguish it.

Could be handy in a survival situation.
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"Superglue" is most definitely NOT a medical item. Yea, it can be used to seal a laceration but here's the thing: Not all superglues are appropriate for medical use (some can contain irritants and other harmful chemicals) but best of all is that adhesives (similar to certain superglue brands) are sold specifically to be used for medical purposes. So that's what you should put in your medicinal cabinet. Krazy Glue and all that other stuff with the rest of your tools, SurgiSeal inside your first-aid kit.

But even if you're using Krazy Glue to seal a wound, keep it next to your tools. You're right in that it's foolish that it would be somewhere where it can be mistaken for eye medication.
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As an ophthalmology resident, I saw ER patients with superglue in the eyes a few times a year. The likelihood is a full visual recovery within a few days.
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Our medications must be kept well and other stuffs should not be place on one shelf at the same time. Specially when there's children around the house..our eyes is just one of the most sensitive part of our body that needs extra caring.
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