How American Are You?

This mental_floss quiz is not questioning your patriotism, and you don't even have to be American to take it. But it will test your knowledge of some obscure facts about American history. And it's all on one page! I scored 95%, but that's only because I research these kinds of things in my job. The current average score is 42%. Link

With questions like this: "In 1955, how many calories were in the largest size of soda available at McDonald's?" I am doomed to fail. At that point it is mostly obscure factoid knowledge and not how American someone is.
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I got 45% and apparently my true colours are shining through?! I'm not american. This "test" seems to spoon feed people false praise rather than indicate the knowledge one should have of thie...wait..ok, I get it now. Very clever.
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Not sure how this has to do with any nationality really other than a few political questions, nearly everything on there was an extremely obscure bit of trivia. I just guessed at most of them.
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In a way getting a high score separates you from most Americans thus making you a less average American! So to be more American you need to get about 40%!
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60% and I guessed on half. What would happen if the questions all were about post-1950 America? Would recent history questions make more people "American"?
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Not a lot of questions having to do with BEING American. The title of the quiz should be ''How much of the trivia concerning these questions do you know?''
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Canadian: scored 50%

I'm not sure how knowing Fred Flintstone was in a cigarette ad makes you American. It's a weird ad, by the way.

It's more like a 50's/60's obscure pop culture quiz.

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I could only answer 3 and 4, the rest were guesses and ended up at 30% (6 correct). The again, I'm from Norway....yeah, how can socialists be American?
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50% and I'm with most everyone else here, a good number of guesses thrown in even if I at one time had read about that particular piece of trivia. Also, looks like the average has now dropped to 41%.
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