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What Is It? Game 152

Woot! It's time for our collaboration with the always awesome What Is It? Blog. Can you guess what the strange object to the left is used for?

Place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many as you'd like. Write no URLs or web links - doing so will invalidate your entry.

Two winners as usual: the first correct guess and the funniest yet ultimately wrong guess will win free T-shirt of their choice from the NeatoShop. (May we suggest browsing the Science T-Shirt, Funny T-shirt, and Artist-designed T-shirt categories?). Please write your T-shirt selection alongside your entry, otherwise you forfeit the prize, mmkay?

For more clues, definitely check out the What Is It? Blog. You have until the answer is revealed there tomorrow. Good luck!

Update 10/4/10 - the answer is: A beer warmer, in Germany it is thought that cold beer is unhealthy for older people, this device is used by filling it with warm water and placing it in the beer mug with the handle hanging on the rim.

Congratulations to mrsid who got it first but declined the T-shirt, and to The Professor who guessed a pole for pole-dancing hamsters!

so... my initial thought was "lightsaber hilt", but now I think it's like a decorative cover for a candle, and the bottom part is the candle stand. Like those little bell things they used to use to put out candles, only it covers the whole thing so you don't have to look at the drips.
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That would be for paper towels. the little arm on the side keeps the paper from going everywhere when you are not using it.
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Its a gravity indicator for sky-divers. I don't sky dive, so I'm not sure how its used exactly, but I think you drop it out of the airplane and follow it towards the ground. They started using them after a lot of sky divers started getting lost.
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New Starbucks extra-large travel mug.

In keeping with their seemingly meaningless faux-european sounding names for their sizes, this size is called "fastidio"... which means "annoyance" in Italian.

Heart Me Tender... Ladies XL... color: chocolate
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It's a mobile candlestick. If you need to walk around you can, and when you return, you can replace it in the base.

It was used primarily on the bedside table, and was designed to be carried safely in one hand. It was for those nocturnal visits to the chamber pot, and you would need a hand free to accomplish the mission. A "normal" candlestick would drip wax on your hand, and a "Jack-Be-Nimble" candlestick, with a loop on the base, wouldn't be as steady in the hand when walking about.
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It's an ashtray that's self emptying. The lever on the side slides and opens the ash tray on top which then drops the butts into the container below.

Jewel ice cube tray, please.
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This is used by lady hamsters for pole-dancing. The little arm at the top is for attaching a bag for collecting tips (since tucking peanuts into their little G-strings makes them look slightly less becoming!)

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It's a collapsible pole that is commonly used in public places that connects to other poles to organize human traffic/form lines.

Brainer that the average bear (small)
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It is the stopper control for a bathtub. This one goes in the floor and I guess reaches under the tub to close the valve. Lots of old NYC apartments have them. I didn't know I could stop up my tub for a year before someone told me what it was. or i figure it out. like a genius. like a genius..
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I think it's a Smoke Message machine.
put some smoky-thing in the tube and use the silver lever.
Finally, SMS your friends to look in the sky in your direction to see your message...

Family Ties, M size please.
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Its a ball washer for use on the golf course.

Be very careful when using it... I fell off one of these once and sprained my ankle.

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This houses the main power coupling for the warp drive on a Federation, Constitution class starship.

(SPOILER ALERT!!) Spock took the top off this housing at the end of Wrath of Khan, saving the entire ship but killing himself by radiation exposure.

Heart Me Tender... Ladies XL... color: chocolate
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