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The Shweeb Human-Powered Monorail

We've written about the Schweeb before on this blog, but it's so neat, when this new vid surfaced, we knew we'd have to post again. Check out the future of mass transportation. You'll never want to take your boring old car to work again!

Neat idea, though recumbent bike + skirt + transparent pod makes it a little less friendly to the "I don't want to show you my underpants" set.

If this were actually installed somewhere, the first thing I would expect to happen is that groups of kids would get four or five of them linked together, try to hit 80 or 90mph with drafting, and then wander around the system griefing the normal riders ahead of them by coming up behind them and pushing them from 40mph to 80mph. At least, if I were still young and a jerk, that would sound like fun.
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Why are all the 'new' transportation ideas just complications of simpler transportation? Do we really need a bicycle that requires more infrastructure than a bike lane? This is wrong on so many levels and infinitely more complicated than a simple segregated bike lane.
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So wow we can have these built through caves and some of the other most inaccessible areas, because we all know those are easy areas to build things in. One question, let’s say I’m pushing some snail along and that snail wants to get off (still don’t have an idea as to how this happens) at some point before I do, how does that work?
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That looks like a TON of fun, until you get stuck behind the slow guy. There's no getting out of a schweeb traffic jam...

Also, he needs to change the name.
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This is one of those things which seem cool and useful until you start thinking about it. And then the more you think about it, the more you realize how stupid it really is. This would be great in a theme park, but anywhere else... yeah, just stupid.
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"Check out the future of mass transportation."


Remember when they hawked the Segway as a device that "...Cities will be built around.."
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There really isn't enough freedom with these for bicyclists. I know that I prefer to bike to see the outdoors and take new routes to clear my mind and explore, it's not just about travel. There would also be too much human error for these to get going in the mass public. If one person crashes into another, the whole system would be down. Then,the people behind the crash would have to wait in their little pods for who knows how long. Maybe, if there are some technological aspects that keep things like this from happening it would work but otherwise it jut seems like a neat idea that won't really take off.
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That looks really cool, and I would love to try it. I worry about the braking issue, and being able to get out in an emergency. Without some sort of electronic monitoring system, is one person is going 10mph and someone smacks them from behind going 50mph, it might cause some issues. Also, what about people with small children? What about height issues? I wonder if the pedal length is adjustable. Very cool link though.
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This looks like fun, and getting out of street traffic sounds nice. However I will not be strapping myself into the plastic bubble until they start talking about air conditioning.
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