Gapped Teeth Are Becoming Fashionable

Diastema (a gap between teeth) has often been viewed as a cosmetic defect, but there are indications that modeling agencies, fashion designers, and casting directors have changed their point of view.
At model casting calls for New York's fashion week, which begins today, one of the most coveted attributes is an affront to modern orthodontics: gapped teeth.

The look is a bold departure from recent standards of idealized beauty that have rewarded curvaceous and perfect-smile models... In editorial spreads in Vogue and W, as well as ads for high-end brands like Chanel and Marc Jacobs, gaptoothed gals are having a moment...

"It's a love for the imperfect, and the authentic," says Stefano Tonchi, editor-in-chief of W magazine. "These are values that are more and more important for younger generations. Originality, authenticity…in a world that is more and more digitally enhanced."

Don't have a gap between your teeth?  Don't despair.  You can have one created: " designer David Delfin asked an orthodontist to insert a bracket to open a space between his two front teeth."


I find there to be some sort of logical fallacy there. This gap between the teeth fashion is due to the "love of the authentic" as the article states, yet it's becoming popular enough that people are going to the orthodontist to alter their teeth to get that look for themselves? Authentic indeed.
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"a love for the imperfect"? this cannot have anything to do with the fashion world. It's like wearing glasses when you don't need them, just to be fashionable. Who's imperfection or disability are you going mock next?
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Funnily enough I read this just after watching "America's Next Top Model"'s the makeover episode, and a gap-toothed contestant was sent to the dentist to have the gap widened! The teeth on either side were ground down a fraction.
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“…fashion designer David Delfin asked an orthodontist to insert a bracket to open a space between his two front teeth.”

David Delfin = Narcissitic douche
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Bleh. I have unnoticeable small gaps in my teeth now. Growing up, while they were still coming in though, it was much more noticeable and I hated it.
Why anyone would want this done.... bleh.
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"rewarded curvaceous and perfect-smile models" since when was stick thin curvaceous? Most of the coveted models I see are not attractive to me at all. I think the fashion world likes to keep itself seperate from what regular people find good looking because of how tall thin girls look in clothing. I would much prefer a heavier (not fat or obese just normal) curvy woman in clothes than the opposite because you can really see what clothes look like on the female figure, which is beautiful.
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I was PISSED when I realized that my braces had closed the gap in my front teeth. Nobody had told me that would happen, and I didn't think it was a defect. Dave Letterman had one, and he was on TV!
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I've had a gap since I was a kid. My wife called me "gappy" when we were in college. Now it looks like I'm a harbinger of fashion.

Maybe male pattern baldness will become all the rage.
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I think Anna Paquin has a lot to do with this. On this "cycle" of America's Next Top Model, there's a contestant who looks so much like her, gap and all. On last night's episode, Tyra sent her to the dentist to have her gap widened by having 1/4 mm shaved off of each front tooth.

Also, check out this documentary from 1987:
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Yet another reason I pay no attention to the fashion industry and yet another proof that they're all nuts. "Love of the authentic" my rear end! Since when is ANYTHING about this industry authentic?
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