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World's Largest Graffiti

If you can't beat 'em, let 'em be world record-breaking art: Brazil unveiled the world's largest graffiti at 37,000 square feet (3,500 m2). Oddee has the exclusive photos: Link

to be graffiti wouldnt have to be done illicitly (i mean by definition yes) at what point is this just considered a mural and not graffiti. I mean a cops standing there in the picture letting it happen so is it graffiti.
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graffiti can be legal, the problem i see with this is that the content is devoid of traditional graffiti. this is a mural. in the same way that banksy is not a graffiti artist but rather a stencil artist and vandal.

if you aren't throwing up letters you are something else.

and the most impressive graf ever is still the work of os gemeos

they should have just gotten them to do a really big piece

length =/= size
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The term "graffiti" derives from the Greek graphein ("to write"). Graffiti (s. graffito), meaning a drawing or scribbling on a flat surface, originally referred to those marks found on ancient Roman architecture. Although examples of graffiti have been found at such sites as Pompeii, the Domus Aurea of Emperor Nero (AD 54-68) in Rome, Hadrian's Villa at Tivoli and the Maya site of Tikal in Mesoamerica, they are usually associated with 20th-century urban environments.
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The definition of graffiti from the dictionary says its "writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall." the dictionary also says that it does come from the greek word to write. IT also then goes on to say that if we want to go back to how it was used we'd have to use it like the word "writing" which we can all agree wont happen. It no longer means that in todays world.
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