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Tracked Skateboard/Segway

(Video Link)

The Shredder is a new military vehicle by a start-up company called DTV. It's an individual transportation device that can go up to 30 MPH and haul 1,200 lbs. The machine is powered by a 200cc four-stroke engine and can tackle slopes up to 40 degrees.

Link (warning: self-starting audio) via Glenn Reynolds

Seems pretty slow and complex when compared with, say, a 200cc motorcycle. Will that do anything as well a 200cc motorcycle? And how much does it cost? Looks like it's made of fail to me.
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It's smaller and lighter than a motorbike and I don't remember ever seeing a motorbike with a trailer? Also, when was the last remote control motorbike you ever saw. This thing has got plenty of military I'm sure.

But forget all that, I would love to zip around London on one of these, dodging all the commuter traffic would be awesome.....I really want one of these. I hope they make road legal versions too. I wonder if the could get a tax disc?
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What military uses would that be :/

I can't think of any since it looks like it would be used for transportation but there is already so many better things out there.
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Didn't watch the whole video until now. Didn't know it had that trailer until someone mentioned it above.

I guess that might be handy and probably the only thing I would consider it good for.
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holy crap! that is freakin neato! i must have one. this is totally going on my christmas list. i've been good.
i can see military applications but it would be sooo much cooler for me to use.
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It'd be great for deer hunting in the backwoods. Do you know how hard it is to get a dead deer out of the woods?

But I'd just use it for fun an hooliganism.
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Awesome, now the Taliban don't need to save for a new IED, they can just place a really gnarly berm, wicked jump or sick rail in the path of the US forces.
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