Woman Sues Theater for Wasting Her Time

A woman in China has done what many of us would like to do. Chen Xiaomei, a lawyer in Xian, Shaanxi province is suing a movie theater and a film distributor for wasting her time by playing twenty minutes of advertising before a film.
Chen Xiaomei claims she was unreasonably treated by the cinema's owners and the distributors of the film she went to see, because she was not warned there would be 20 minutes of adverts prior to the screening of the main feature. She is demanding a full refund (35 yuan), an extra 35 yuan in compensation for emotional damages and a written apology, reports the Xinhua agency.

In addition, Xiaomei is calling for the Polybona International cinema in the northern city of Xian to publish the length of advertisements on its website, in the lobby or on its customer hotline. In total, they should be less than five minutes, she says.

The film was Aftershock, a big hit in China. Chen's lawsuit has been accepted by the People's Court in Xian. Link
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Right on. She is being reasonable about what she is seeking in damages...well maybe not the emotional part..but I hate it when you get to theater early, so you get good seats. You sit and watch those adverts. then there are more adverts before the film. then the trailers.....ten minutes later the movie begins.
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I know the theaters have to make money, but I do miss the days when you'd walk into the theater and there was soft music playing and a curtain across the screen. The music would stop, lights would dim, and the curtain would pull back as the movie started. It always felt like an event.
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I don't care about the stuff that is playing when you get to a movie early. That's fine, have as many adverts as you want then.
But when it's time to start the movie, show the Shut the hell up screen, a few trailors and then start the movie.
So tired of having to sit through freaking car commercials or soda commercials or any other crap that comes on tv.
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This is why I tend to wait till demand to see a movie dies down, and take a seat 15 minutes after 'it starts'. If I do end up watching the commercials, I'll avoid watching another movie in a theatre that month to avoid having to watch that stupid crap again. Very rarely are there entertaining commercials, the Old Spice ones being the exception.
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I don't mind the trailers, as long as it's a reasonable amount like this lady is saying but mother of fudge 20 minutes of ads? That's insane. Hope she wins. Should have asked for more! Time is valuable.
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I went to see The Other Guys and the start time was 5:40 pm, but the actual movie started just after 6:00 pm. I even looked at my watch just to see what time it was, I have never done that before until about an hour or so into the movie. The funny thing is, I don't even remember the previews.
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MadMolecule, that's my memory of watching movies in the wayback times, too. Also, because it was an EVENT, people tended to shut the hell up and watch. Sometimes, they even applauded at the end of the film.

I'd like to see intermission come back, though. My bladder needs a break, and I'm sure droves of folks would like refills of snackage without having to miss the movie.
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When LOTR came out, four of us went with pre-booked tickets. But the theater had changed the times, so we were the only folks to show up. The manager came over and gave us the choice of free tickets for another time or a private showing. We opted to have the movie shown just for us - no ads. He even asked us how loud we wanted it! Pretty cool; alone in the theater for a major movie right after it came out.
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There is something to be said for telling you what you are going to be subjected to for your ticket. Especially since they bother to have a start time and running film time.
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If you could sue people for wasting your time Neatorama would owe me thousands of dollars. It is a compliment, but seriously this site owes me a lot of money in wasted time.
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