"I Love Boobies" Bracelets Create Controversy

In an effort to make young people more aware of breast cancer, the Keep-A-Breast organization is marketing wrist bands which proclaim "I [heart] Boobies."  Middle school and high school students around the country are wearing these to school and finding themselves in conflict with dress codes.
"We have an existing dress code that specifically states clothing, jewelry or accessories with sexually suggestive language or images is not allowed at school, said Avants. A number of other school districts require students to flip the bracelets inside out so the word "boobies" is not visible.

Some critics believe the organization intentionally used edgy language just to draw attention to itself, and that wearing the products at school prompts inappropriate behavior and language.  Other critics argue that the campaign focuses on the breast rather than the person.

Link (with video).

Seriously. Any teacher/principal who has enough time to waste on fighting the word "boobies" should be slacked... they obviously could do without him/her.
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Had a high school student (daughter of a surgeon) visiting surgery, wearing one of those. I figured out what it was for, but it looked ridiculously unprofessional and intentionally provocative. Which is exactly what kids wearing this in high school are doing. It's not like fellow high schoolers are going to start funding breast cancer research because of some rather silly bracelets.
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i love america....
anything slightly sexual is extreme taboo but any type of violence is a o.k.

OMG i can't believe that girl showed her breasts, OUTRAGE!!!

oh, another saw movie? cool....
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I am so sick of people being too touchy.

Sex sex sex sex sex sex.
Breasts penis vagina.

It's one of the most natural things.

Sorry. I'm just sick of this school dress code nonsense.
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Kids at our middle school have worn them...some teachers have told kids to turn them inside out...it seems to be a non-issue, the other kids really don't care and a lot of the kids, whether boys or girls, wearing them aren't the type that are attention seekers. Its no big deal.
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Stupid campaign that shows the hypocrisy of the breast cancer awareness bunch. They like breast cancer because it's a sexy disease. Why aren't kids wearing bracelets for colon cancer or testicular cancer?
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I agree, it would be bad marketing for a package of chocolate candies such as M&M's have a label on it to support colon cancer. Lung cancer is the top killer, but the companies don't want to be associated with tobacco products either. The word breast is more pleasing for obvious reasons.
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My father beat prostate cancer a few years ago. I've heard him ask more than once, "So, when is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month?"

Not that fighting breast cancer is a bad thing, of course, but it does seem to get a disprportionate amount of attention.
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Let's be honest here. How many middle schoolers ACTUALLY care about breast cancer research? Aside from those few who have a family member affected by it, I'd bet my lunch money most of them wearing it think it's funny and little else.
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If you honestly think that all middle schoolers are simply like that, i suggest you look at my point of view.
I'm a middle schooler, and the first time i saw the bracelet, I thought what it was for and why it's going around.
Then i looked it up and i said to myself-
This is actually a really good organization for us teenagers.

The word "boobies" is funny for all the teenagers, you should know. I know plenty of guys and girls who are mature enough to understand this.
Even if i've never had anyone near me have breast cancer, i know the feeling of when someone near you dies.

And it's also barbaric that the schools are banning them. Like.. really? Don't be so small-minded..

I will get this bracelet pretty soon, & since i go to a Catholic school, i'll see how it goes.

Until now- Save the ta ta's :)
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Sooooo, you guys in opposition of the bands, do you allow your children to watch television??? Do you allow your children to surf the web unsupervised?!?! So, lets pretend that boobies is the absolute worse word or subject that our children are exposed to...no, I disagree, I live in the real world!!! This country is based on sexuality.... our kids see it, live it, and compete with it everyday.. so God forbid our children say boobies!!!!Come on people, get off of your self-righteous high horse... 6 year olds call them boobies, what does your children call them breasts???, I doubt it....
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excuse me Zhoen, but you are gravely mistaken! High school students who wear these bracelets aren't going to start funding cancer research? I'm incredibly proud to say that at Tartan High School we have continuously been among the top high schools in the nation participating in Relay for Life. Last year alone we raised over $50,000 for the American Cancer Society, and over the 7-8 years Tartan has done Relay, they've paid for 21 years of cancer research.

Have a little faith. We don't all exist only to be obnoxious thank you.
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I teach 5th grade; 5th graders all have PMS (Pre-Middle-School) and are quite fascinated by boobies and such. If one of mine wore this sort of breast cancer awareness item to school, I'd confiscate it if school policy specifically disallowed it. Otherwise, as soon as the 'discussion' and giggling began, I'd start with my "Don't you DARE reduce something as serious as breast cancer to 'something to make fun of'" talk.

Even 10 or 11 year olds 'get it' when you approach them in a reasonable manner, a manner that expects them to think, and respects that they really are 'part of the world' even though they are young. Handled without any knee-jerking, even in elementary school these bracelets COULD be used as teaching tools.

Those things being said... I wonder if, one day, dictionaries will list 'boobies' as an accepted synonym for breasts?
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I'm 20 years old and an owner and PROUD wearer of the I <3 BOOBIES bracelet yes I'm a female and no I'm not offended actually I'm proud because my boyfriend and I have both encountered breast cancer survivors and been thanked and cpmplimented for our support of a struggle. Ok so it says boobies get over it. I say encourage ppl to get them the proceeds go to cancer research so those "promiscuous high school kids ARE funding the organizations. .....
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It seems to me that so many people are unwilling to look past the use of the term "boobies" to see the deeper meaning to the bracelets. Surely the use of vulgar and obscene language is harmless, but the lack of breast cancer awareness can kill so many people. The banning of these bracelets is insensitive and self absorbed.
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OK, I'm a high school student myself and I dn't see the big deal about these bracelets... Grow up people! Boobs are natural! They're part of life! We need to get our heads out of the dirt and realize that if boobies wern't such subject that's "off limits" they wouldn't be such a big deal for us! The more our teachers forbid us to wear it, the more we'll want to wear it...
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I, for one, love these bracelets for the whole fact that they support breast cancer. The whole "I <3 boobies" argument is just silly because I believe it is just a more comfortable and fun way for students to express their support. Both my mother and my cousin had breast cancer last year and my mom I still without a breast. During the time she was in the hospital, I had a hard time expressing how much I cared about her and that I was there to support her. When I found out about these bands and told my mother, she was so thankful to know that I support her. She loves these bracelets and they r quite fashionable, LEAVE THE BANDS ALONE!!!
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Okay, okay, okay...
I'm 16. I love these bracelets. I lost my mom when I was 14 to breast cancer. And you are sadly mistaken if you believe that middle school and high school students don't care, because in my middle school years and high school years while going through the grieving process EVERYONE was empathetic and understanding. Now two years later these bracelets start popping up everywhere and they are a wonderful opportunity to open the eyes of the high school students who don't have someone near them affected by this pressing issue. Think of it this way, (and this happened to me) a guy sees a girl wearing an 'I (heart) boobies' band and strikes up a conversation, "Why are you wearing that? You're a girl." "Oh, well, I'm wearing it because I support breast health and awareness. It's from a non-profit organization that hopes to open the eyes of teenagers to promote breast cancer awareness and research."
It irritates me that there are so many adults on this site who are talking down on teenagers for standing for something so... noble. What exactly is the world coming to? My dad and I have talked about it. In my opinion, (as well as his) America needs to decide. Do you want your teenagers being lazy and standing for nothing other than video games, parties, avoiding parents, skipping out on homework as often as possible, keeping up with the latest fad, ect. , or do you want them to do something greater? You can't have your cake and eat it, too. Teenagers are constantly chastised for... well, being teenagers. For being between the ages 13 and 19.
So, all I have to say, TO EVERY TEENAGER OUT THERE WHO OWNS AN 'I LOVE BOOBIES' BRACELET, is thank you so very much for supporting a cause such as breast cancer. Keep wearing your bracelets and standing strong for something you believe in.

OH! And PS,@MadMolecule,
Want prostate cancer awareness? Go to a Relay for Life. They support all cancer. Not only breast cancer. Yes, it seems as if Breast Cancer gets more publicity than others, but I don't think that's because of the provocative side to a "breast". Look how common breast cancer is. Yes, lung cancer is the top killer and they don't get much publicity, but what's the top cause of lung cancer? Tobacco use. What's the top cause of breast cancer? uhhhh....?

It offends me that people want these bracelets banned from school. If they were banned from my school, I'd fight it. I'd wear it everyday. You're teaching kids that it's wrong to promote what they believe in. And I've heard from countless adults, "Why is it THIS that they chose to believe in?" So, I wonder why does that even matter? They're promoting a GOOD cause. And not all of us teenagers are attention thirtsy. Some of us really care.
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I am 14 and a lot of people at my school were these bracelets. We are standing up to something we believe in. And as for the word boobies offending people ummm how old are you? Boobies is not an offensive word. GET OVER IT
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I'm 13 and in 8th grade. My friends, both guys and girls, and myself, have these bracelets. Coming from someone WHO IS ACTUALLY A TEENAGER, we do not wear these because of the word "boobies". Some people stare at them that way, adults do too, but we wouldnt spend $4.00 on a bracelet because it says boobies on it. Get real adults, we aren't that inconsiderate. I had a relative pass of breast cancer, but even if I didn't I wouldn't buy this bracelet to resemble something of sex. THEY DO NOT MAKE FUN OF BREAST CANCER, THE SUPPORT IT
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I'm a thirteen year old who is making a stand at my school. I was approched by a school dean and was to remove the braclet. I refused, I was sent to the vice principle and then the principle. My aunt is fighting breast cancer right now. She bought me this braclet along with others that say "breast cancer awarness" em I suppossed to take it off because it says breast? No, breast, boob, tata they are all the same. Its no different from all the other words for penis (peker, pee pee, willy dick...ect.) it makes me frustrated that adults are saying teens will take the term "boobies" innapropriotly. It makes me think that the only reason adults are thinking that is because when they were younger they wouldn't have taken this seriously. I have been following this controvercy throughly. This is a big issue and I plan to make a stand.
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I wear one on each wrist. I'm a gay teen, 16, and I dot even like boobs. I wear them simply to support my grandma who fought and won breast cancer. School authorities are idiots if they think we're all wearing them just to look 'cool/hip'. Not all of us teens are immature little kids.
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