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Revenge Products

Shomer-Tec has a page of merchandise for sale called "Revenge Products." There are gadgets that disable electronics or just annoy people, and bottles of nasty things like Liquid Roadkill.
These "special ingredients" are just what you may need in some "special situations". Manufactured under contract by DSG Laboratories to fulfill the occasional unusual operational requirement of CIA and other federal agents, these products are now available for non-governmental sale. Use only with utmost discretion.

Before you use this incredibly foul putrifier, take a moment to reflect on all the roadkill left out in the scorching sun. With this nice little vial, you now have the ability to creatively re-create this special odor at a time and place of your choosing.

I wouldn't use this on my worst enemy. Link -via J-Walk Blog

Let's all guess the number of charges one would face if caught using most of these products.

My friend had these stink bombs in little glass ampoules and man, they were vile. They could easily make you puke. He used to set them off in school and the entire area would be off limits until they could air it out and clean it up.

That was 20 years ago though, now they'd call the police.
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Oh wow, I love this one:

Liquid Key Scratch:
This stuff has an insatiable appetite for automobile paint. $11.00 per tiny bottle.

or you can buy some generic brake fluid for $3.00/pint.
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That stuff looks awesome. I'm surprised it's not illegal. I wonder if you could get arrested for throwing "liquid road kill" on someone? Not that I'd ever do something so horrible to anyone. Well, on second thought, maybe a few people I know could use a good dousing. The "nasty yellow teeth" vial looks particularly tempting.
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