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Squeaky Car Engine Turned out to be a Cat

John Kellas went to a car mechanic complaining that his car's engine was making a squeaking noise. The culprit turned out to be a trapped kitten:

"I said no, no, it must be some engine part - as I could not see any cat. But when I went into town in the afternoon, I was convinced too that I heard something. But every time I stopped the car, I could not hear or see anything.

"I decided to take the vehicle to Farmer Autocare in Perth, but the mechanics couldn't find it either. They were thinking I was taking the mickey out of them, that I was referring to a catalytic converter or something

"Just when they were about to give up, we all heard the kitten. At that point two of the mechanics stripped out the bottom of the car. That was when we saw a couple of little eyes peeking out from the dark corner, looking very terrified.

Link - via Arbroath

Our kitten (now 3 years old) came to us the same way. A co-worker had driven back on a 120 mile trip and kept hearing a squeaking noise. She took her car into an auto shop and they put it up on a lift and eventually retrieved a tiny grey and white kitten! Her only injury was a little scratch on her nose, and she was skittish of people for a while. Strangely enough, she still loves going for car rides!
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I had a kitten when I was 12 or so that was let outside in the winter and crawled up next to the motor to keep warm. Sadly, when the car was started the kitten was killed by the fan. It was an accident but it upset me a great deal. Just one more reason to keep your pets indoors, especially in the winter.
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Same thing happened to me, with less favorable results, for the cat, anyway:
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