Man Jumps into Hay Baler

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This video shows a man stripping of his clothes and jumping into a hay baler. A few seconds later, the baler spits him out in the middle of a bale of hay.

This is either footage of an idiot, a viral advertising stunt, or both. What do you think?

Content warning: as I said, the guy gets naked. The video doesn't show anything -- at least not up close. But, you know: fat, middle-aged naked man warning.

via Urlesque

Anyone who has ever worked one of these machines knows that he would have instantly been delimbed. How do you think the flat sides of the bale get that way? Blades I tells ya! Large reciprocating blades!
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Definitely fake. I think bales of hay are compressed pretty firmly, and he would likely be dead. Besides, how do you take a bunch of hay and make it into a brick? You need to squeeze it firmly with pressure plates on all six sides. To get those flat sides you need to apply a lot of pressure, and yet he comes out with head, arms and legs protruding from the bale, with no blood showing.

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Fake. While a clever idea for a video, this would not be possible.

He did the best to make it authentic - jumping out of a moving tractor. The bailer does not work otherwise.

Not to necessarily nitpick, but the cutting is done before the compressing, Hezzawezza.
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the camera work has "professional attempting to look like an amateur" written all over it. i hate when people do this.

that is not how amateur videos look, they don't wobble thaaat much, they certainly don't zoom at opportune moments, and they usually either start or end with unnecessary long periods of boring footage that the person didn't know how to edit out.

i don't understand why they don't just hire some random guy off the street to film these things, it would be infinitely more believable. i can film things very badly, i shake like a leaf and have little experience with cameras.
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Sometime in the last few years, someone in my town was accidentally baled. I heard it was horribly gruesome, they had to gather up the pieces of what was left of him. Ugh all the bloody hay and machinery... This ad doesn't sit well with me, it's totally not real. It's not funny at all.
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Disagree. Amateur video usually looks much worse than that, in fact.

On the other hand I think that the whole thing was too quick and practiced, and the bailee was deliberately playing for laughs for the camera -- doing so well enough that it seems quite likely that this will turn up as a sketch in a comedy show soon.

You can't tell from this distance, of course, but I concur with msbutah; that could easily be Matt Lucas.
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Isn't there anyone who can just relax and enjoy a faked video for what it is - an attempt at humor? This video is not narrated by David Attenborough for the BBC; it's more like a Rowan and Martin segment or a Python sketch.
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I agree with Adi. It's definitely not real, nor is it funny. First thought I had was, "he's trying to kill himself on video?" and then "What the?" and then "I hope no one believes this and tries it for themselves
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Anyone who has once been near these machines has read the stickers on them.

Or at the very least, I did. It says: "Extreme danger, do not approach the moving parts". I don't think you could survive.
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I agree, not really funny at all, just dumb.

All I could think of was the idiots (the kind who try to repeat those stunts from the show jackass) that end up killing themselves trying to do this. Fortunately very few people have access to a hay bailer I think, but it was still a very irresponsible video.
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Anyone suffering a sense of humour failure can always trawl through the rest of the Internet for something to complain about. Seriously, what's wrong with you? It's either funny or it's not. If not, move on; simple.
Anyone concerned that there might be people (sorry, idiots without the brains of an amoeba) who might try to recreate this - good luck to them. The human gene-pool is better off for their contribution to fertiliser production.
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OK, IT'S FAKE - WE GET IT. But it made my 68-year-old-just-got-her-first-computer-a-month-ago mother (and me) laugh until she(we) almost peed our pants, so four thumbs up! Just enjoy, people!
Dr. Who and most sci-fi is fake, too, but does that mean you enjoy it any less? Wait, you do know that Dr. Who is fake, right?
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Okay I know it's fake but one more factoid. Our balers also cut square bales into 4 inch slices before stringing/twining. That's so you can feed a few flakes at a time to your horses, etc.
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