3 year old recites "Litany" a 30 line poem by Billy Collins

[YouTube - Link]
This kid's sure going to have a leg up on everyone else in his college English class! The text of the poem is at the YouTube link.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Maulie.

I feel sorry for the poor child.

Seems to me like his parents are more than a little
wierd. Who else (other than weird parents) would force this on their 3 year old child?

Seems to me that I'm correct again.

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jimmy & jill:

what are you two on about with your comments? Can you not SEE that the child is enjoying reciting the poem? That he takes pleasure in saying the words?

We all learn by rote when we are young and how you can possibly see his apparent pleasure at knowing this poem as something negative is beyond comprehension, really.

What he is learning from such an exercise will serve him well for years to come. It doesn't matter if he isn't sure what a cornflower is for now. We all learned songs and nursery rhymes without knowing what every word meant.
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Before I even looked at these comments I knew what some of them would say. There are alway the "parents exploiting their children" comments on a story like this as well as the "coming to the defense" comments despite the fact that we really have no idea how or why the child is performing something like this from only watching the video.
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It's pretty darn neat either way.

You people really need to start learning facts before going off and attacking or defending something.

Unless you know for a fact how this came about, you don't need to make assumptions. It makes you look foolish.

Now, show me how you know your argument and I won't mind the comment.
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