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Kiwi on a Treadmill

Piwi the Kiwi was born emaciated and with two broken legs. For a while, it looked like he wasn't going to make it. But New Zealanders aren't going to take that news lying down.

Here's a neat story of Kiwi ingenuity in helping out their plucky national bird:

Losing blood, Piwi was rushed back to Massey University's veterinary science centre.

Fortunately another kiwi was available to provide blood for a transfusion, and Piwi pulled through. But his fight wasn't over.

Palmerston North physiotherapist Fiona O'Connor prescribed a strict rehabilitation regime, including treadmill workouts, massage and physio exercises.

It was the first time the veterinarians had used a treadmill for a kiwi's muscle development ... and Piwi wasn’t happy.

Wildlife vet Dr Lisa Argilla said Piwi didn't take to the treadmill naturally, and would be grumpy when woken for his workout three times a week.

"He was particularly stubborn in true kiwi form, and just sat there [as if saying] I'm not going to do this.

"He'd bite carer's hands when he got fed up with walking. But he's quite a tolerant little guy," she said.

Link - via Lemon Drop (who has a neat video clip of Piwi the Kiwi on a treadmill)

Ya know, and I know I'll get flamed for this... but...

How much of NewZealanders' tax money was used to rehab one injured, runt bird. Which will probably die early or be eaten by predators, since he's a runt.

I mean, I've never actually seen a kiwi in motion before, and the story as a whole warmed my heart. But this is one, broken bird, which won't even likely reproduce.

Are these critters endangered?
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It's Piwi!!

I'm a vet student at Massey, and know aaaaall about Piwi. He's a pretty cool little guy.

@name: the kiwi is our national bird and yes they're very endangered. The Massey Wildlife Ward is run on donations rather than government money, so it doesn't matter at all to the tax payer how much goes into saving 'one runt bird'.

Haters gonna hate ;)
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Actually it's a donation run program, and yes they are endangered, because of the introduction of foreign species like the stoat and other things.
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