What Is It? Game 149

Hooray! It's time for our weekly What Is It? Game! Can you guess what this strange swirly object above is?

Place your guess in the comment section below. One guess per comment, please - though you can enter as many as you'd like. Please post no URLs or web links - doing so will invalidate your entry. You have until the answer is revealed tomorrow at the What Is It? Blog.

Two winners as usual. The first correct guess and the funniest but ultimately wrong guess will win T-shirts from the NeatoShop. Please write your selection of T-Shirt alongside your guess, otherwise you forfeit the prize. (May we suggest the Science T-Shirt, Funny T-Shirt, and Artist-Designed T-Shirt categories?)

For more clues, check out the What Is It? Blog. Good luck!

Update 8/13/10 - the answer is: A Helter Skelter Drink Cooler with an internal ice block, once the the chiller is frozen it is placed at the edge of a table, a drink is poured onto the top and by the time it reaches the glass at the bottom of the ramp the liquid will be cooled.

Mike Fuellbrandt got it right first, but didn't choose a T-shirt. Congratulations to Augie who guessed "Tiny Hadron Collider" ;)

it's a marble fountain thing.

put the marbles up at the top and watch them go around the ramps. I want to say I had one as a child, but I think I'm making that memory up.

I covet "When life gives you mold, make penecillin"
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This was a popular executive toy when the Bush tax-cuts were introduced. Made of solid platinum, corporate executives would take paper balls made from tightly-wound hundred-dollar bills, watch the "trickle-down effect" as the balls got stuck half-way down and laugh hysterically for hours

Something Went Terribly Wrong T-shirt XL
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It's the end insert for flexible electrical conduit (a.k.a. Seal-tite from Appleton) available in various sizes. Part is crimped during the tightening of the assembly.
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It's a visual element used for dramatic effect, used in art or food displays; a fountain. Suggested accompaniments include melted chocolate, caramel, or any other tasty gooey substance.

["hip", "hip"], xxl
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It is a wedding cake pan for those trying to save a dime. You bake the cake in this pan and then stuff the middle with Twinkies or Suzie Q's (depending on preference of yellow or chocolate cake). Put a layer of icing and you have saved yourself some time and money.
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It's a handicap ramp for bees who have damaged wings, allowing for pollination of any flowers hanging over the ramp. Unfortunately this one has lost its bee filter. The bee filter is recommended as this particular bee ramp can be used by all kinds of insects allowing for catepillars and other non-handicapped insects to use the ramp without any thought of handicap bee needs.

Something Somewhere Went Terribly Wrong - Large :)
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Is it an old mould for making perfectly round marbles? The hot marbles are put in at the top and they roll down making themselves round? (I've always wondered how marbles were made because they don't have seams...)
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Bulldog artificial insemination device. Bulldogs are a result of breeding by physical manipulation; they are unable to conceive on their own. This is the primary tool used during the procedure.

Once you use one of these, you never forget what it looks like.
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Actually, this is an adjustable table stabilizer designed for college students with modern design tastes. It fixes tables, chairs, or even couches that wobble. Simply place it flat on the floor next to the table (or other furniture piece) leg that is the shortest. Slip the smallest groove under the leg. Turn counter-clockwise until the table is sturdy.

XL in Arch Enemy or Neat-o-rama shirt
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The Tiny Hadron Collider (THC) is the world's only gravity powered particle accelerator.

First used by Professors Mars and Murrie to collide a shelled peanut with a ball of chocolate in 1943. Once candy-coating technology was perfected 10 years later, the Peanut M&M was born.

Ironically, exposure to the drug THC often leads to excessive consumption of Peanut M&M's (along with Ding-Dongs and Funyuns).

Witchy... Black, Ladies Fit Large.
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World's laziest Rube Golberg machine.

Wizard of Oz, Short Version, military green, women's fit shirt, small. And this is actually longer than my actual answer. Meh!
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Pour red wine into the top, allow it to trickle down, and collect it at the bottom in a decanter. Helps the wine to breathe.

(any tshirt, medium)
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a spiraling piece of metal.

Possible use would be to put something at the top and be amused while it rolls/flows to the bottom.

This is what people did for entertainment in the old days.
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I proclaim it is part of a machine. The machine isn't still in production for most officials in the manufacturing business have moved to Asia somewhere and have those people to make it out of plastic, the officials believe they are saving billions of dollars on this machine..
Witchy Black Mens xx
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