Justin Beiber Water Bottle Remix

The internet's been loaded with video of Justin Beiber being hit in the head with a water bottle at one of his concerts, but like most internet fads, it wasn't truly funny until it was remixed with autotune. Now you can truly appreciate the mishap.


I love videos of child abuse. Successful people make me feel inadequate so it really boosts my self esteem to see talented folks get torn down and if it's a kid and it's violent even better. Please post more 'neat' videos like this so I don't have to think about where I've gone wrong in my life.

P.S. I'd like to suggest a new Neato tagline: Neatorama - We support child abuse! or Neatorama - Because violence is funny!
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He gets hit in thea head a LOT. I saw two videos of him crashing into a glass door and one of him falling off a coffee table. That hairdo of his must be fibreglass.
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Violence? Child abuse? I'm sure the imported sweat shop made clothing blessed blogger is wearing involved more child abuse than a water bottle hitting someone. Tom and Jerry is more violent. What about this is violent? If this is violence, grade school was a warzone for most people.
If this was the worst kind of child abuse in our world, I think blessedblogger would have much more time for church- where sheltered thinking belongs. THINK FOR YOURSELF FOR A CHANGE BLESSEDBLOGGER
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It's funny that you mention "abuse", since a lot of people in the entertainment industry have gotten a great deal of verbal abuse from him. Personaly I think the guy who threw the bottle is as much as a twat as Beiber.
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What is with all the hate towards showbiz or other people like this guy? So, you don't like his music. So what? Why does that translate into comments like the above?

Who raised you to think that way? Why are there so many of you on the Internet? Do you really believe he deserves being hit by a thrown object at a concert? Do you really feel good about publishing your inappropriate comments on websites?

He reacted like a pro and went on with his show. To me, seems like he's capable of behaving like a normal human being. Despite the pressure.

As for the idiot who threw the bottle... Why go to a concert to do that? Who thinks that that is a cool thing to do? I mean, you don't like him, why go to the concert?
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He is a figurehead who represents a large part of what is wrong with our society. People object to having the likes of Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, etc jammed down their throat by trans-national media conglomerates who exercise illegitimate power over our society(ies). Most don't intellectualize it that much, but the antipathy towards Justin Bieber by the vast majority of human beings in the world is a natural emotional reaction. If someone can't understand why people would take some satisfaction in seeing him hit with a water bottle while on stage then I think the problem lies with them. They probably wouldn't have understood if someone threw a tomato at Marie Antoinette, either. "But, the nobility are trying to help us, and they have a very difficult job with all that responsibility." Har Har.
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THE Person who THREW the water bottle has made a video!

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"If someone can't understand why people would take some satisfaction in seeing him hit with a water bottle while on stage then I think the problem lies with them"...

uh, what?

Problems with elementary English aside, taking pleasure in this video is just mean. Justin Bieber represents all manufactured entertainment, check. By this standard we should hate Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Ricky Martin, Britney Spears, Lady Gaga, uhhh... more names than I can think of on the spur of my drunken moment because I don't fill scrapbooks with such names, but lots of people do. Some of these humans deserve censure, but why blame the product? This Bieber-bashing is like kicking a prostitute for her pimp's crimes. Oh, and for her johns' as well.
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