The Bailer

A foul ball is coming straight at you and your girlfriend. Do you:

a) Man up and try to catch it before it hits your lady?
b) Choose the better part of valor and duck the foul ball?

Here's the video clip that earned the man the unenviable nickname: THE BAILER. [embedded YouTube clip]

Why, I envision wedding bells already.

If a object is flying at you very fast, your first instinct isn't to swoop in and protect the person you're with (unless maybe they were your child... parrental instinct). It looks like he figured she'd move out of her seat as well. Plus-- how easy is it to tell where a fly ball is going to end up for most of us non-pro folks? Give the guy a break.
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Okay so he didn't score any points for his valor. However, THAT'S HER BALL!!! She earned it.

What are you going to tell people anyway: "I got this ball after it HIT my girlfriend"?
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I give the guy credit: He thought his girl had the sense to get out of the way of a flying baseball. She didn't. She's an idiot for not. And he's human.
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Man up? Don't be so sexist.

Why didn't she "man up" to protect him? Oh, he had enough common sense to actually get out of the way of the ball. She's not a child. She took math, and can plot trajectories as well as he can.

Besides, I'm sure he kissed it better for her later.
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It's not like a random flying object was swooping in out of nowhere. He was at a baseball game. One of the things that many people at a baseball game are interested in is to catch a foul ball. One came to him and he dove out of the way like a mouse surprised him in the kitchen.
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I dunno if this makes him an ass. If he had caught a foul ball and then thrown it at her....yeah....we'll call that being an ass. Accidents will happen...even in love.
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