I Quit! 8 Outrageous Ways to Quit a Job

Forget a neatly typed resignation letter! In this modern day, you've got to make a statement, and there's no bigger statement than saying "I Quit" in style!

Oddee has a list of the 8 most outrageous "burn-that-bridge I Quit" moments:

Apparently this is a real resignation from a designer who left this note on his desktop. According to somebody who allegedly knew what was going on, he believed he was in a temp-to-hire position, and after three months of extra hours and butt-kissing, turns out it's just a temp position. He was a good worker too. I'd have recommended him. Too bad he burned his bridges.


I've quit my job by saying what I did was morally dubious and could no longer bother people in their houses. I was a door-to-door chugger.

I essentially knocked doors and gave out a long schtick to the make the unfortunate so-and-so about the charity. It taught me one thing: the rich are far less generous than the poor - one rich guy living in a large opulent house with a top of a range Mercedes in his drive way very smuggly told me he was too poor to give money to charity. I did rather darkly think about burning down his house(!)

Just like in tax, the poor are 'happy' to pay their taxes, but those who can afford won't!
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I find it amazing that in a recession that we celebrate those who quit their jobs with flair and obnoxiousness. Are we all just that so dissatisfied with our employers that we glorify those who say "F U" to their boss? Are our career paths not the yellow brick road we hoped for? Or do we just don't have class?
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I'm sure you an hundreds of many other people are unaware how toxic some work atmospheres are. People try to shrug off incidents with abrasive bosses and the occasional bothersome customer, but the human mind can only take so much stress. I've always said, the world would be a better place if everyone had some form of mental therapy, but many people don't have that luxury or socially have been persuaded they don't need it, and when the last straw breaks the camel’s back, they off themselves. Isn't quitting your job better than killing yourself?
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Cool website, the pop-up banner that told me my free content would be available in 30 seconds took a minute to load. We need more sites like this that force you to stare at a loading black box for a whole minute.
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