Triple Sun Over China

Just your average smoggy day in Chin ... wait a minute! What's that? A triple sun?

On July 26th, the Chinese city of Leshan witnessed a phenomenon that’s puzzling experts and led one Chinese paper to ask this morning if it was a UFO: What appeared to be three suns in the sky at once. Assuming this didn’t come from a close encounter of the third kind or a three wolf moon passing through a double rainbow, what could it have been?

Our pal Geekosystem explains: Link

Both photos at the link show the clouds in the same position. There is only one photo. The photo was probably taken through glass onto which the sun or (more likely) some other light source is projected in three different spots because of its proximity to three other panes of glass.

Nobody saw three bright sun-like objects in the unfiltered sky.
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If you look carefully, there are small reflections forming partial halos around some of the "suns." And they look suspiciously like reflections of light fixtures.

So, most likely, they are images of globe shaped ceiling lights reflecting off double paned window glass.
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it may be reflection or something, please be note that even a video also there in's homepage you can watch it.

according to prophecy when you see one more son on the sky the world will face a grand natural disaster this year.

it will cause effects like a big nuclear blast, almost a size of a city.(it is just a prophecy), so peoples please respect your father and mother, respect your friends and neighbours, respect every body and be honest.
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