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This image of unknown provenance is going around the Internet. In reflection of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, it depicts a cosmology of Hell for Internet users. You can view a larger size at the link. Do you agree with its arrangement?

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Grammar and spelling Nazis? I hardly think telling someone to spell and use grammar so you know what they are saying is much of a problem. I personally go red with anger when somebody starts spelling like this:

'GRAMMER n speling Nazis ? I don.t think so tellin sum1 who spel and use gramma so ukno wot they are sayin is much of prob. I go RED with anga wen sumbody starts spellin like dis.'

The problem is that doesn't do justice to the f******* ***** spelling and use of grammar I've seen on some blogs and forums. I find it ridiculous that somebody would deliberately misspell or use bizarre grammar rules just because to make themselves look cool, or for brevity. I've seen some 40 guy who a gay dating site I use language of moronic 14 year old texting language, just because he thought it would attract some younger guys. Its pathetic.

And don't get me started on the use of 'dis' and 'dat'. When I was a lad - before mobile phone technology became widespread - saying dis or dat would have people calling the person - quite rightly - a spacko.

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