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What Happens When You Put 32 Glowsticks in a Toilet

(YouTube Link)

YouTube user PvtGermanWagz and his friends emptied the contents of 32 glowsticks into a toilet's reservoir and flushed it to see the results. The results are simultaneously asinine and cool. Warning: foul language.

via Geekologie

"The greatest idea ever"? Mmmmh, there might be drugs involved. Just a wild guess.

I think the glowing hands look much cooler than the flushing by the way.
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That stuff can't be that toxic, I've seen people smear it all over themselves and pour it in their mouth and spit it out on walls.

Although I'm positive it's much neater after a bong rip or two, I'm glad I saw it, pretty neat.
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Just because people put it in their mouths and spit in on walls doesn't mean it's not toxic. It just means those people are morons.

While this was a cool thing to see, I'm not sure it was a cool thing to do.

And yeah, one guys talks about being 'not that stoned', so drugs were, indeed, involved.
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That was funny. Gives me a great idea for halloween party prank.

It is not radium folks - remember the other week when the video of how to make glow sticks was posted? It is only "toxic" if you ingest those 32 glowsticks. If you get it on your skin or eyes, it can be an irritant.

The main ingredients in most glow sticks are dibutyl phthalate and hydrogen peroxide.
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If anyone here saying it is toxic would actually look at a glow stick, you would see that they say in big letters "NON-TOXIC" right on them. I know because I was wondering if I could put it in my fish tank safely. Turns out it only means non-toxic to humans...
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Not toxic but the chemicals are kept separate by a small vial of *glass* in the stick. Shards of this glass can be very small and extremely painful to have to pull out of your feet. Trust me on this one.
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Glow sticks contain hydrogen peroxide, and phenol is produced as a by-product. It is advisable, therefore, to keep the mixture away from skin and to prevent accidental ingestion if the glow stick case splits or breaks. If spilled on skin the chemicals could cause slight skin irritation, swelling, or, in extreme circumstances, vomiting and nausea. Some ravers will cut or break open a glow stick and apply the glowing solution directly to bare skin in order to make their bodies glow. Some of the chemicals used in older glow sticks were thought to potentially be carcinogens[9]. The sensitizers used are polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, a class of compounds known for their carcinogenity. Also it is wise to avoid all contact with thin membranes such as the eye or nasal area. Despite reports to the contrary, it is not safe to smoke or ingest glowing phenol, and it will not produce any drug-like effects. The fluid contained in glow sticks can also dissolve some types of plastic.
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